Buffalo Soldier
Buffalo Soldier
Buffalo Soldier. Buffalo Soldier. Dreadlock Rasta.
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Its totally illusion in the air of your workplace

Funny Buffalo soldier

Buffalo soldier
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Great chop. Very close race. Congrats on the silver, Tusav.
Congrats on the silver, tusav. You are on a roll, sir.

Funny Little soldier

Little soldier
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It's hard not to get caught up in the stare of either/both subjects. Somehow that pulls you right in...super work, love the contrast.
I love the soulful look of the little boy and his cat. Excellent work.
The whole chop is an eye candy... the way you did the cat spots and his face is my favorite part here.
Very nicely done. The attic light ads a deeper dimension to this little story. Congrats on the bronze cup
Great chop jeremix super clean love all the details. Congrats on the Bronze.
you can't go wrong with a toddler and a kitty.
Congrats on the bronze jeremix....I don't think the boy likes being a soldier...He looks so sad and he's wearing a peace symbol on his hat...Maybe it's a statement about all the boys that have fought in wars over the ages.
yeah, i guess so. i also thought it was the little sad boy that hides in every adult soldier, too. thanks guys.

Funny Goat Soldier

Goat Soldier
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Very nice.
You have fit the goat face expression perfectly. I also like how you did the fur on the hands
Would make a terrific propaganda poster. Congrats on the wood

Funny Invisible Soldier Jumping Rope

Invisible Soldier Jumping Rope
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..love it. Part of the running girls shadow is on top of the uniform sleeve.
Brilliant. I see the shadow had been edited too
Nice edit Hidden. Now If I could only figure out WHY... that numbskull is still looking at his phone with a necked girl is running about.
He is controlling if the photo just taken was good enough.

Funny Frankenstein Soldier

Frankenstein Soldier
Soldier that cannot die
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Looks Awesome.. Totally love the bullet holes.
Thanks JS and Wanderer. I am sorry 7 or so 200 karma judges lost karma after voting for this chop. I think at least 7 people thought it would place top 4. Clearly their votes were cancelled out some how, maybe because it was close %. Dunno. Only seen it happen a few times. Not sure who screwed who, just so you don't think it was me hahahahaha. Cheers folks. You'll get it back tomorrow
Bless you, wonderful taste you have Mr. Pat.
Seriously Hits, no one lost karma voting on your entry, you got 7-8 votes in majority. Even the guy that give you 9 didn't lose karma on this. The karma hit you see on vote history are mostly shared on bad votes I got on my both winning entries and Paul's . But since I'm there, your chop was pretty good but a bit noisy, the idea awesome, I thought "how could I forgot Frankenstein for this contest." when I saw it. So, top 5 grats man.
Thanks Evirio. I think you are right. I was subtracting when I should have been adding. Jeeze, dumb mistake. Right then... there was a chop that seven people thought was inadequate that stronger voters thought was good, or more voters thought was good, or something. Glad you piped in. I was feeling really bad thinking because I didn't make the top 4 so many took a hit. I see now... it was one of the chops that DID make the top 4 that was the monkey in the gears. This karma and voting can drive one crazy. I shouldn't attempt to think past 2AM. I always get myself into some sort of dither You think the chop was noisy. A wall, the figure, fire and text. Or noisy grain and texture. I did not use a filter to soften it out.Over all I am pleased with it and with the scoring on it, was more than fair. Thanks for the input
No problem Tim. I mean noisy for the uniform grain, it could have liked a tiny denoise and some sharpening over it. But you can be pleased with your pic as it is, since it fits the vintage/horror spirit.
I see what you are talking about now. Yeah, some artifacts left over from sharpening. Hmmm should have see that myself. Old eyes or maybe just lazy eyes, oh well Cool, thanks for the input. Every little bit helps

Funny American Muscle Soldiers

American Muscle Soldiers

Funny James Dean the Soldier

James Dean the Soldier
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Quality work. The Dean's face source seems low res though - has lots of color spots
It was ow res - not many good movie images from 1955 .

Funny Our Idiot Soldier

Our Idiot Soldier
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Funny Cinderella Soldier

Cinderella Soldier

Funny U.S. Soldier Launching a Drone

U.S. Soldier Launching a Drone
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Drones have been extensively used by the U.S. Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps. The drone plane in today's photo is "RQ-11 Raven", produced by AeroVironment, Inc. in California. It can fly up to 6.2 miles (10.0 km) at altitudes of about 500 feet (150 m). This drone plane is launched by hand and its mission is to provide aerial intelligence and surveillance with built-in video cameras and infra-red night vision cameras. The latest model comes with solar batteries which can extend the flight time by 60%. Photoshop this photo of a U.S. soldier launching a drone any way you wish. Image credit: Sgt. 1st Class Michael Guillory.

Funny Soldiers

Create images of your concept of Stalin's living war machine soldiers. You can go with the half-man, half-ape variety, or merge other animal species. Just make sure it's a living war machine!

Funny Robot Soldiers

Robot Soldiers
Create your own "Robot Soldier". We are looking for entries to be as close to 100% machinery or mechanical. If you find it difficult to create a 100% machine/mechanical soldier we are also looking for a Military Patch that will identify these "Robot Soldiers" in the field. In addition, the article speaks of nano-technology and insect sized swarms, so "Robot Soldiers" can be very tiny too!

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