Goat Soldier
Goat Soldier
Goat Soldier. Member reactions:
Very nice.
You have fit the goat face expression perfectly. I also like how you did the fur on the hands
Would make a terrific propaganda poster. Congrats on the wood

Funny Our Idiot Soldier

Our Idiot Soldier
Member reactions:

Funny Groundhog Soldier

Groundhog Soldier
See Large please
Member reactions:
A pleasure to watch, many very good ones in this contest
Wonderful execution. The pin is not necessary to the representation. Vertigo chop
Fantastic work... Being a soldier is really an amazing look given to the poor ground hog here it looks terrific and brave
, so many comments, Thank you rajeshstar, Krish, Luciano, Disasterman,JimShorts, and Armatien.
Humbly bows, and I thank you Pree, Wanderer, Newsey, Anton, Gummy.... I should tip my hat to Funkwood and give some credit, this is in part inspired by his style.

Funny Soldiers Wife

Soldiers Wife
Member reactions:
wao good use of red color and the background. very romantic
Natural blending and great concept - love the autumn colors you have chosen
Close battle. I love the job you did. Congrats on grabbing a cup. It's always a good feeling when people like your work

Funny World's Hottest Soldiers with Kim Jong Un

World's Hottest Soldiers with Kim Jong Un
Romania has world’s ... iest soldiers Stocks Many thanks to Danielle stock 28
Member reactions:
Beauty. Looks like the Girls bagged a Bogie. TOP marks.
sneaks another 'well done' in like a ninja
Great phenomenal job done.... A definite win for any country who recruit hot soldiers.... they are more dangerous then a nuclear Bomb
gugulanul, Congrats on the gold. Every man loves T&A.
Girl chops usually do well . This is pretty well done. Small critique: Next time you might consider highlighting the girl on the left (skin)to agree with the girls on the right. Congratulations on the gold
Thank you suzseams and Ariel9 ... ... That girl stayed too long in the sun in the desert of Afghanistan,Hitspinner ... ... just kidding . Thank you and I really appreciate your critique.
Congrats, Gugulanul. All of us are ready to serve in that army.
Congratulations Gugulanul. My only nit-pick is...This treatment is way too good for Kim Jong Un.
Thank you very much deaddog,SplatShot and geriatric ... ...

Funny Cat Soldiers

Cat Soldiers
Member reactions:
So Cat would be the central characters in this movie .. good chop

Funny Woman Soldier witha Machine Gun in Bouguereau Painting

Woman Soldier witha Machine Gun in Bouguereau Painting
Source: Branche de Laurier by William-Adolphe Bouguereau
Member reactions:
Ohh...looking at her is like heart stops knocking. I wish this will never happen.

Funny Soldier with a Grenade by Magritte

Soldier with a Grenade by Magritte

Funny Two Headed Soldier

Two Headed Soldier
Member reactions:
Thanks Hobbit90, HoHouse and Silvercanine.
well hidden I am wondering if you play crysis 3 because that is the face of Carl Rasche in the game. Awesome game by the way,and an awesome pic
Thank you Dola, azwoodbox, AzureSky and robinrobin. I had no idea who the face belonged to. I did play Crisis 2 and thought it was one of the better games out there, with an unusual but really fun gameplay. Maybe i will pic up part 3 when the price drops.
Out of box entry.... Great chop with big scar seen stitched together to make the Multi headed Soldier Well illuminated and nice facial expression of the soldier holding the Gun I predict this as a winner of the contest
Thrilling Chop hidden, master Sheff of Postmortem. Quality work and different face expression is very attractive idea
Excellent, my favorite . Gold congrats, Jeremix.
Congratulations Jeremix. A Gold Trophy for Perfection
Great work, jeremix … Gold Congrats. … real nice definition on the faces, and I like the lighting fx on the helmet & gun
Freaking brilliant. Congrats on the gold, jere.
Well done Jeremix, I had this down as a winner from the start.
Congratulations on the GOLD...

Funny Mr Bean Soldier

Mr Bean Soldier
What is it good For.
Member reactions:

Funny U.S. Soldier Launching a Drone

U.S. Soldier Launching a Drone
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Drones have been extensively used by the U.S. Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps. The drone plane in today's photo is "RQ-11 Raven", produced by AeroVironment, Inc. in California. It can fly up to 6.2 miles (10.0 km) at altitudes of about 500 feet (150 m). This drone plane is launched by hand and its mission is to provide aerial intelligence and surveillance with built-in video cameras and infra-red night vision cameras. The latest model comes with solar batteries which can extend the flight time by 60%. Photoshop this photo of a U.S. soldier launching a drone any way you wish. Image credit: Sgt. 1st Class Michael Guillory.

Funny Soldiers

Create images of your concept of Stalin's living war machine soldiers. You can go with the half-man, half-ape variety, or merge other animal species. Just make sure it's a living war machine!

Funny Robot Soldiers

Robot Soldiers
Create your own "Robot Soldier". We are looking for entries to be as close to 100% machinery or mechanical. If you find it difficult to create a 100% machine/mechanical soldier we are also looking for a Military Patch that will identify these "Robot Soldiers" in the field. In addition, the article speaks of nano-technology and insect sized swarms, so "Robot Soldiers" can be very tiny too!

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