Best Selling Author
Best Selling Author
Best Selling Author. She always seemed to come up with a Best Seller, time after time. RIP Jackie.
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The soul never departs from our hearts... your thoughts and your words always remain in your heart forever RIP Jackie
Congrats, Paul. Excellent quality as usual.
Congrats on the gold, Paul. Wonderful trubute

Funny Bruce Jenner Selling His Old Wardrobe

Bruce Jenner Selling His Old Wardrobe
In an exclusive interview, Bruce Jenner admits he's a woman
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Great interpretation and composition of the news story.
tie the a.k. to the pole with a string. lots of input again as usual, mr P. this one is probably the best of them.the shadows on the sand should probably only be behind the object, to avoid the appearance of floating. maybe make the weights sink in the sand a little. good stuff just the same. good luck.
Thanks, everyone. It's cement, jere. It's his actual house and this is the driveway.
Well, at least he's got bolls to finally admit he's a woman.
congrats on the bouble, mr. P. my mistake. i thought it was sand. nice chopping. The obama playing with the drone game was also very cool.
Thanks, Newsy, jere and Bob. Yeah, Newsy, but he doesn't want to lose them.
The clothes give-away - great idea - nicely done.
Congrats Doc, great job. Well you two managed to hijack the podium in a stellar way with some killer work I wouldn't be surprised to see this one go viral. Funny as he11

Funny Tom Hanks Selling Girl Scout Cookies

Tom Hanks Selling Girl Scout Cookies
Cool guy Tom Hanks helps sell Girl Scout cookies
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Brilliant colors, depth, and caricature. One Nicely Constructed Image, with a refreshing attention to detail.
I'll take two boxes of Samoas
Just to darn adorable, fantastic chop, congrats on the win.

Funny Matthew McConaughey Selling Newspapers

Matthew McConaughey Selling Newspapers

Funny Man Selling Dog Poo

Man Selling Dog Poo
Paul spends the better part of his day shoveling up dog crap.
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Oh boy, oh boy...revenge will be sweet, hidden. .

Funny Karl Malden and Kirk Douglas Selling Hot Dogs

Karl Malden and Kirk Douglas Selling Hot Dogs
As I promised, this is the second in a series of works on the TV series of the 70s I hope that you will appreciate my efforts ... I undertake any work for about three days ....
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Freaking brilliant artwork. Who's the guy on the left.
Just look at all the detail, imagination, and skill. .
That's Karl Malden, Newsy
he is Karl Malden with Michael Douglas in the crime serial "The streets of San Francisco". Also famous for his big nose.
Great chop. Douglas is perfect but Malden needs a little tweaking
Amazing work love it, memories of watching the original series when i was but a kid.
Well done on the caricature front and the finish is really smooth good looks and well deserved entry love it
This is great, I remember watching this in the 70's & you have captured it right down to Carl's nose....
Superb magical colors used with wonderful stuff carried by 2 of them
Thanks for the tip, guys. I need to know more about the 70s shows
Congratulations, Ricky. Super Job. Super Score.
Congrats on the gold. Masterful as always. And to answer your question, I think you distorted Malden a bit too far. He already has extreme character markers in his face so he didn't need much. It might be the jowls are a bit too meaty and mouth overworked..... But hey it was enough to score over anything funkwood or AZ or Salis or any other chopper has done here. So the fans think it is the best chop ever in the history of the site, or for sure in the top couple. So what do I know, I should have kept quiet . Again, congrats on fine work, RT, it is always a treat
Congrats on the gold Ricky. I believe you got the highest score ever on the site

Funny Jay Carney's New Job Selling Newspapers

Jay Carney's New Job Selling Newspapers
Jay Carney steps down as Obama's press secretary
Member reactions:
Perfect. Concept & subject & execution of course.
Fabulous. Weekly World News mag is a classic touch here. Bat Boys, Bat Boys, Whatchagonna Do.. Love how you did all the other magazines too.. we only sell the truth, hahaha (background voice "you can't handle the truth.")
Did you see who met Obama when he was abducted, NewsMaster.
Excellent job hidden. Make it greater applying some movement to the magazine otherwise looks like a flat sign
Hahahah funny as hell-o. Lots of great work, Doc. Congrats on z cup.
Silver Congrats, Pcrdds. A Precision job as always
Them's a lotta headlines. Lincoln's ghost advising Obama Silver Congrats, Doc.
congrats on the silver, doc. funny headlines among them, looks like a lot of work. Jay Carney is not well known over here i think, at least, i had never heard of him.
Thanks, Dr. Silvercuspid. Thanks, Jere. He's on tv here every day and is Obama's mouthpiece.
Congrats on the silver, Paul. I saw the main who saw Obama when he was abducted, and this man looks very familiar.
Thanks, Newsy. Yes, he DOES look familiar. .

Funny Van Gogh Selling His Own Art

Van Gogh Selling His Own Art

Funny Girl Selling ak-47's

Girl Selling ak-47's
Member reactions:
Cool. But put shadows onto the rifles from the ones in front.
Fantastic blend of the painting and photos
Awesome... great chop and well placed guns in that antique guns
I really like this one Luciano. I'm glad to see it grab a trophy.
I really liked this too... it's awesome. Congrats on Wood.
Sad and dangerous feel to this chop. Beautiful job
Congrats on the wood, Luciano. Viva Italia.
Great work. I've featured it on Bouguereau Remastered: Permalink: Keep up the good work.

Funny Hillary Clinton the Renaissance Realtor Selling a Story Book House

Hillary Clinton the Renaissance Realtor Selling a Story Book House
She sells story book houses 600 years ago.
Member reactions:
I agree. Maybe a Century 21/14 pin on her dress.
Like the boot house concept and excellent chop using the sources and the women facial expression reveals some hidden secret behind it
OMG, I just had to clean soda off my screen. Rajesh you are priceless. Yeah, she has some secrets alright. It is a stylized version of Hillary Clinton. Oh, god, that was so funny and I am sure a completely innocent and fair assessment of the character ha. Thanks for that laugh, man.
Thanks Doc, Rajesh... still laughing, eric, balodiya, Geri, DD and Doc again.
Excellent,oblong clocks are all the rage, Congrads on the Gold.
Congrats on the gold, Hits. Great modern fairy tale.
Nice. Except the shoe looks steam punk and that would be nineteenth century ... . Or did those fittings exist in the 14th century, in that style. But I love a fairy tale chop. And I especially appreciate the door on the shoe, that is awesome. Congrats on the gold.
Thanks Jocky, NM and Icy. Well, you are right. It is actually a 21st century shoe attempting to be a stylized version of a Victorian parasol boot, worn with matching parasol. But don't forget the whole thing is a gag, Icy. I never intended to make it period perfect or I would have.

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