Sold !
Sold !
Sold !. Russia for sell ...
Member reactions:
Nice job, what is the crap
Crap is on the front of the picture. Sorry Mr. Xi Xi Jinping and Mr. Shinzō Abe-san for bed company.
Cool work, Andrew. Grammar police: should be Russia for SALE, not sell
Please update link. Thanks.

Funny Another Band Sells Out

Another Band Sells Out
Member reactions:
Clever and not very far from the truth... I mean look at the sports players jerseys - it's almost the same thing
Seems like a sign of the times. Well done

Funny Selling his own art

Selling his own art

Funny Hillary Clinton the Renaissance Realtor Selling a Story Book House

Hillary Clinton the Renaissance Realtor Selling a Story Book House
She sells story book houses 600 years ago.
Member reactions:
I agree. Maybe a Century 21/14 pin on her dress.
Like the boot house concept and excellent chop using the sources and the women facial expression reveals some hidden secret behind it
OMG, I just had to clean soda off my screen. Rajesh you are priceless. Yeah, she has some secrets alright. It is a stylized version of Hillary Clinton. Oh, god, that was so funny and I am sure a completely innocent and fair assessment of the character ha. Thanks for that laugh, man.
Thanks Doc, Rajesh... still laughing, eric, balodiya, Geri, DD and Doc again.
Excellent,oblong clocks are all the rage, Congrads on the Gold.
Congrats on the gold, Hits. Great modern fairy tale.
Nice. Except the shoe looks steam punk and that would be nineteenth century ... . Or did those fittings exist in the 14th century, in that style. But I love a fairy tale chop. And I especially appreciate the door on the shoe, that is awesome. Congrats on the gold.
Thanks Jocky, NM and Icy. Well, you are right. It is actually a 21st century shoe attempting to be a stylized version of a Victorian parasol boot, worn with matching parasol. But don't forget the whole thing is a gag, Icy. I never intended to make it period perfect or I would have.

Funny Man on the Moon Selling Balloons

Man on the Moon Selling Balloons

Funny Selling Balloon Rides

Selling Balloon Rides
Member reactions:
Real cool..I guess some shadowing work is needed. Overall its super conceptual and very fine idea
Colors rock in this. One out of the $ but no less a valiant effort with tons of elements. well don

Funny Rifiki Selling Balls

Rifiki Selling Balls

Funny Barack Obama Selling Kids Balls

Barack Obama Selling Kids Balls
Member reactions:
This is really freaky and funny Putin looks too funny
Ahhhh I thought this was could have been done by Doc, but leaned more towards Wanderer. Very good and congrats on the cup oh tricky one
Silver congrats, noruss. Putin boy made me giggle here

Funny Man Selling Stones From the Pyramids

Man Selling Stones From the Pyramids

Funny Selling iPads in Raphael Painting

Selling iPads in Raphael Painting
Selling Apples, yep that's what Rafael would be doing right about now.
Member reactions:
So all the ancient great men come down to check the Apple's latest gadget good one and funny too

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