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Funny Sold Pictures

Selling his own artFunny Selling his own art
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Selling ApplesFunny Selling Apples
Member reactions:

Selling Apples, yep that's what Rafael would be doing right about now.
So all the ancient great men come down to check the Apple's latest gadget good one and funny too

Bristol Palin Selling Her CarFunny Bristol Palin Selling Her Car
Member reactions:
Bristol Palin selling her car
I would like to Drive it Crazy ... Stunning entry
... lovely model posing herself as a brand ambadassor for selling that old stuff well done like your display posters
Thanks, everyone...yes, G-Man...the ideas just kept coming.
You got it, Newsy. I hear she accepts PayPal.

Little Girl Selling PenguinsFunny Little Girl Selling Penguins
Member reactions:

very well done with the penguins replacing in the Basket

McDonalds Sells BeerFunny McDonalds Sells Beer
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Cool, but who's Mickey D. I see Keith Richards and Bill Murray

New York Cop Selling Ice CreamsFunny New York Cop Selling Ice Creams
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Excellent... Pepper I scream.

Selling the Acropolis to ChinaFunny Selling the Acropolis to China
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Imagine the job creation...

Cheech Sells Malibu HouseFunny Cheech Sells Malibu House
Member reactions:

Cheech has his Malibu house up for sale
Looks like the property will be worth a lot more then the house
Of course I love this & it's so well done
Thanks, Kellie. I hereby dedicate it to you.
All the memories that house must have...nice work.
Good use of the properties in this, great job
Freaking hilarious. I like how you added the police boat
Thanks, Newsy. Everything was added. It was an isolated beach shot.
Lol I love the facial expressions and the naked biker, too funny work. Congrats mr. P..
Thanks, Sunshin3. The "biker" is Chong, Cheech's partner in all their movies.
It's all going Up in Smoke... Congrats Doc
just drop me on this Island, Lol, congrats mr. P.
Thanks, Man Of Rain. Great reference. Thanks, Young Mr. S. .
Pas surprise de vous voir encore dans le trio de tÍte. Bravo .

George Bush Selling TomatoesFunny George Bush Selling Tomatoes
Member reactions:

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is a masterpiece...wooooooooow .. -edited by moderator on 9/27/2010 11:28:20 pm
Wonderful colours and definition,Awesome.
Once again fantastic, you really need to get these in print & out there in the real world.
Congratulations Mr. Ears-outrageously funny.
rw)))))nice ..... congrats wonderful work.
Congrats on the Gold Mr.Pike.. Not Obama this time
A great caricature of George, RW. How did you get his skin to like that. It looks great. Grats my man.
I knew it had to be yours. Love it.... Congrats on another top pick.
Congrats pike, awesome texturing and light fx.
Another masterpiece from a master of caricatures. Congrats on the gold, Pike.
Hit another one out of the Park, Congratulations RW
Dam, this really is the best yet. I'm using it as my background pic on my pc.
Dam, this really is the best yet. I'm using it as my background pic on my pc.

Amityville Horror House is SoldFunny Amityville Horror House is Sold
Member reactions:

Yard sale today. News story here SOURCES
Man, who would want that joint. Nice job
Gomez and Morticia LOVE their new home. They don't understand what all the fuss is about.
Peek a Boo ... hahaha I see me . awesome Job .. love it ..
Great chop I would never buy such a house or the stuff in it. Creeps me out.
Thanks everyone. I know, who in their right mind would buy that house. Peek a Boo. ;p

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