Ban On Giant Sodas Overturned
Ban On Giant Sodas Overturned
Ban On Giant Sodas Overturned. Mayor Bloomberg's ban on giant sodas overturned by Judge Seems like Ellen DeGeneres is happy about this as a sad Mayor Bloomberg looks on.
Member reactions:
Great composition,a work of art, masterpiece, concerto to the eyes.
Out of the box, cool body Vs Head work Love it
Congrats on the Wood. Would have probably gotten the Gold if your drink (in the cup) didn't defy gravity (ha).

Funny Barack Obama in the Situation Room Drinking Soda

Barack Obama in the Situation Room Drinking Soda
Member reactions:
Thanks. He didn't look too happy sitting in the corner.
Chip really good its classic fun... congrats.
Congrats on the bronze McChip . . . funny stuff, and very well done.
. . . Check out Hillary's eyes . . .
Congrats on the bronze, Chop. Truly a masterpiece photo-hoax in my book.
Thanks Newsy for the nice compliment; and thanks also to qtrmoonshop for extending the meme.

Funny Wolf Drinking a Soda in a Diner

Wolf Drinking a Soda in a Diner
Lone Wolf Terror Threat
Member reactions:
That's really cute. I love his little paw.

Funny Diet Draino Soda

Diet Draino Soda
All the flavour of regular draino, with no added sugar.

Funny Proletarian Baking Soda

Proletarian Baking Soda
You can brush teeth and deodorize factory with it, too.

Funny Need Another Soda Ad

Need Another Soda Ad
Move over Tang. Astronauts have a new beverage.
Member reactions:
Coca-Cola won't stop until they've branded everything. Good Idea.
Oooooooooo...Spiffy. Nice job coloring, shadowing/lighting...all around Excellent.

Funny Battle Soda Knight

Battle Soda Knight
Member reactions:
Funny concept. Some shadows from the figures are needed though

Funny Mr Hankey Soda

Mr Hankey Soda
Fecal bacteria in soda fountains
Member reactions:
I think it's "Hidey-Ho" as Mr.Hankey slides down the slippery river of Cola-Poo.Point made-good luck.
Suddenly I'm NOT thirsty or hungry any more.

Funny Beer Soda

Beer Soda
Orange you glad for change.
Member reactions:
"4 fluid years". Who knows, could be 8 though

Funny Soda

Member reactions:
Interesting concept, but I wish the slider was made bigger.
Agreed, the slider & pull should be a bit bigger.

Funny Soda Drinks

Soda Drinks
Choose which side you want to be on in this contest. Either photoshop a new brand of soda (or modify an existing brand) that will counter the "Ditch the Fizz" anti-soda campaign, or alternative diet methods.

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