Rules For The Socialist Party
Rules For The Socialist Party
Rules For The Socialist Party. Beto O'Rourke will never go hungry, he loves to eat Dirt from New Mexico.

Funny Socialists Form The Union

Socialists Form The Union
Member reactions:
My God, I can see this really coming true, Darn Good pic and Scary.
Lol Hobbit. Great expressions, nicely done.
Tim, you got the TRUE looks of these crazies, I wish they all would go back to Hades, Congrats on your win.
You captured them perfectly, Hits. Bronze Grats.
Congrats, Hits. You certainly have a way with the eyes.
Thank you my friends. I'm happy you got a little entertainment

Funny Socialist Klingons

Socialist  Klingons

Funny Great French Socialist Revolution!

Great French Socialist Revolution!
Marine Le Pen victory in French elections would be ‘body blow’ to Europe
Member reactions:
1917 - Great October Revolution in Russia. ... and 100 years later 2017 - Great Socialist Revolution in France.

Funny Socialist Club with Small Faces Obama Clinton and Sanders

Socialist Club with Small Faces Obama Clinton and Sanders

Funny Death of a Socialist

Death of a Socialist
Member reactions:
Put some garlic all aroubd him. Just to be sure.
Congratulations, Hobbit. With a little shock sound effect. I could just his eyes pop open wide, any second now.
Ridiculously clean and pro. Top work and congrats on the wood.

Funny Samuel L Jackson's Socialist Birthday Party

Samuel L Jackson's Socialist Birthday Party
Member reactions:
Very well merged Nice texture Best of luck
Thank you Balodiya, Jim, Toledoeagle, Pat, Luciano and Kellie.
Incredible look given to him.... good work on the caricature and the Cigar with smoke is really dashing view well done
You have given him an awesome "Che" style here...
Exactly Newsey, thanks and thanks to Rajesh
Congrats Hits, I love the skin texturing and the eyes look fantastic.

Funny The Socialists Al Franken and Bill Maher

The Socialists Al Franken and Bill Maher
Member reactions:
Good work on the caricatures and Obama with his bodybuilding physique looks awesome with a freaky smile and having beer
Congrats on the Bronze, Hitspinner … your reputation precedes you … pleasure to make your acquaintance
Pleasure back at ya Qtmoonshop. Thanks all

Funny Socialist President Francois Hollande

Socialist President Francois Hollande

Funny Obama The Socialist Egghead

Obama The Socialist Egghead
The one thing worst then a socialist is, a egghead socialist.
Member reactions:
An Egghead Socialist that took 2 years to produce a Birth Certificate. Sounds fishy to me-funny chop.
It took two years because, he has no creativity so, it took that long to think something up.
nice face merge in the egg and like the innovative flag

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