USA Soccer Hockey
USA Soccer Hockey
USA Soccer Hockey. Member reactions:
Lol... I have to tell you when the page went up wrong earlier I was both freaked and humored. Beautiful light. Early Congrats. ; )
TY, Ariel9, geriatric, Bmore and eusebio2win.
Hahaha, he's even missing some teeth. Brilliant.
Great look of him with well illuminated lights and nice prediction of him playing for Soccer Hockey.... well done using he scates to him good one
Thanks, Newsy, rajeshstar, PSMandrake, and pcrdds. glad you like it.
Cool composition very attractive light effects and Black red color with facial expression along with the Soccer-Hockey concept is Out of the box. Good Luck
Congratulations on the Silver Xaos54. Great light. ; )
Thanks again folks. TY for the Fav Bmore
Hey GLAD to see your Arts Again mate Xaos .. been years since i saw you last time i guess , your latest works are AMAZING .. keep up like that i miss to join here again

Funny David Beckham (ret) - Soccer Referee

David Beckham (ret) - Soccer Referee
Soccer ball is from 1930 World Cup Competition.
Member reactions:
Looks funny with his dirty ball in his hands
Nice idea and very cute looks with artistic touch to the entry

Funny Still dreaming about soccer

Still dreaming about soccer
Member reactions:
Very well done to show his emotional farewell to his team is still on his mind.... Lovely Magazine lying ther and still loves the dream game

Funny Luke Plays Soccer With His Father

Luke Plays Soccer With His Father
Not sure how FN time is different than what my clock shows, but I missed again.

Funny Soccer Player Praying with Rosary Beads

Soccer Player Praying with Rosary Beads
Member reactions:
Nice lighting effects...and he seen as he getting blessing from the God

Funny Soccer World

Soccer World
Member reactions:
wonderful , i like the colors & lightings .. good luck hidden
Very glad you like it, CoolIdes. Thank you
Excellent work with the Ball, nice colorful footballs very well done with the caricature and the colorful background
Where can i buy a pair of those soccer shoes , . Beautifully done Hidden (even thou i am 99% sure who did this one)
Perfect lighting and shadow, wonderful composition
Thanks Rajeshstar, Chili, Ericnorthend...Chili shhh...don't tell to nobody.
Congrats on the Woody Sunshine

Funny Ahma playing

Ahma playing
Member reactions:
Sharp looking grenade, Now if only Mahmoud would try it out..
this is a freaky job to play with grenade funny
Love this idea

Funny Soccer Grapes

Soccer Grapes
Member reactions:
Good idea new one after the money on trees

Funny Soccer Golf

Soccer Golf
Member reactions:
He is going to hit this camera

Funny Country soccer

Country soccer

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