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Funny Soccer Pictures

Country soccerFunny Country soccer
Member reactions:

Member reactions:

Godisnowhere666 - Soccer Escher blend.Funny Godisnowhere666 - Soccer Escher blend.
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Out of the box, good work its different and artistic

Soccer Mom Kicks Ball at KidFunny Soccer Mom Kicks Ball at Kid
Member reactions:

Mother blasts ball into her kidís face. I have played soccer with my boys...I am sure it was an accident but she kicked it hard enough to blow the little boys hat off (see the video if you can). There were no knocked out teeth, black eye or soccer ball inpression on his forehead. I just thought it would make for a funnier chop.
Thanks...had to do a lot of looking and chopping to get here. I had a couple versions but this is the one I liked the most. I wonder sometimes whether I wshould even include captions...I go back and forth.
hahaha. Heads up. And per the captions, I (personally) would lose them. It stands up with out them. Very clean chop.
Hahaha, I like the soccer ball imprint on the kid's forehead. And the head is tilted "nicely" after the ball hit. The kid looks like he was suddenly enlightened with something.
Thanks...enlightened kind of like the old "I should have had a V8" commercials
Ha ha ha ha ha ha... cant stop my laugh seeing this entry. freaking awesome work on both the Kids face, and so funny comments on the pic
, the impression of the Ball print on his forehead is too good, like the way the ball was kicked and its got imprinted on his head, like the expression of the kid after this. over all I like the story going between his sweet sister about the game always played with him only very well done was a fun chop to work on...always a question of too much or too little, I think I got the balance about right.
Congratulations. This image is, still, humorous.

Duck Playing SoccerFunny Duck Playing Soccer
Member reactions:

Duck attacks and score.

Brazilian Soccer Playing DonkeyFunny Brazilian Soccer Playing Donkey
Member reactions:

well, I tried to do a horse, but actually resembles a donkey. both are very similar
Is there a Brazilian polo player who is called Donkey. or is there an inside joke. Cool earring.
hahahahahahahahahah..os are monkeys and man...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahah
no IcyAllEyeCan, I used him becouse the hair what looks like a horse hair
Looks good even if it's donkey . . . he's got a good dentist

Victoria Beckham Holding Soccer Mom HandbagFunny Victoria Beckham Holding Soccer Mom Handbag
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Soccer Player with One LegFunny Soccer Player with One Leg
Member reactions:

Cool concept, execution is also great. The curve of the leg seems a bit strange (for as far that that is possible in such a strange shaped body) Awesome job.
One of my favorites in the contest. A true one legged soccer wonder.
thank you to all... I was a little unhappy too with the perspective of the leg but I didn't have much time in the weekend for fix it.
Bronze congrats, MD. You created several one-legged wonders this contest.

Sexy Diego Maradona Mowing the Soccer FieldFunny Sexy Diego Maradona Mowing the Soccer Field
Member reactions:

Hilarious. Red shoes suit him so well
Congrats on the bronze SidKain, well done
Hahahah funny stuff.. Is this dude gay for real.
Congrats SidKain Perhaps Maradona is really a woman...hehe
Realmente estupido este trabajo, y si lo dudas, ponete de espaldas, frente a Maradona, que parece es lo que te gustaria, trolo.

Canada Soccer BallFunny Canada Soccer Ball
Member reactions:

nice, hope Canadian soccer gets as good as Canadian hockey one day.
Congrats Bluestriker I like the impact FX especially.
Congrats on the wood bluestriker, I really like this one
Congrats on your first gold, bluestriker.
Hahaha, thanks rwpike. I've seen your profile already and I found out that your one of the well known artist here in freaking news. Your my IDOL.

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