Heidi Klum Makes a Snowman in California
Heidi Klum Makes a Snowman in California
Heidi Klum Makes a Snowman in California. California experiences very cold weather
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Flip flops

Funny The Owl Snowman

The Owl Snowman

Funny Son of Snowman by Magritte

Son of Snowman by Magritte
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I like how you recreated the composition for winter yet used all the new elements for it. Bravo.

Funny The Scream Painting as a Snowman

The Scream Painting as a Snowman

Funny The Evil Snowman

The Evil Snowman
Taken from the movie House at the End of the Street. Hoping you All have a Very Merry Christmas.
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and Merry Christmas to you too. I like how you did this evil snowman
Looks,like Santa fled the scene and forgot his bag on the roof. Oh no.
Good work on the blood and its eyes really eye catching and terrific well done
Ha. Freaking creepy... Congrats on the wood
Very cool chop, Nanny. Congrats on the woody.

Funny Rasty the Snowman

Rasty the Snowman

Funny Pink SnowMan

Pink SnowMan
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This one is great. Should have placed higher. I love it..

Funny Snowman Built by Ants

Snowman Built by Ants

Funny Snowman's Demise

Snowman's Demise
Please view in full
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Utterly splendid. Looks like you went the extra mile.
Thanks jere and Hit, yeah i clocked a few hrs on this one, thanks for looking.
The snow globe is gorgeous, hope that brat kid doesn't hurt it too much... Gr8 work.
fantastic work .. is there any chance to see your sources .. it's look like that you use another source for Ice man good luck
Very clever. Hope the snowman survives, .
So... some gold snow for Chaos, congrats. Don't confuse the gold snow for the yellow snow though.
I'd like my commission for the earlier endorsement now. Bwhahahaha Nice win, Xaos.
wasn't this guy in it's a wonderful life. i think he was.
Xaos54 evil kid.... very clever. congrats....
Congratulations for the gold. But I still insist on the sources, the curiosity is killing me.
Thanks all, appreciate the comments and votes.
I was a little curious about the sources too Xaos... I wanted to see how much hard work you put into this one.

Funny Girls Eating Snowman Ice Cream

Girls Eating Snowman Ice Cream
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but thiking these two prefer fresh powder rather than hard pack bwhahahahahaha
No wonder the freaking snowman is so happy. I get he got his carrot up too.

Funny Snowman

This Thursday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this snowman image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are - dressing up this snowman, reshaping him, making this snowman perform some stunts, designing a poster with this snowman, putting the snowman into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Erik Dolle and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

Funny Snowman

Maalselv town in Norway seeks to become the snowman capital of the world and take its share of Arctic tourism. The project got support from the local investors for building snowman theme park similar to Disneyland, which will feature snowman figures, snow hotel and facilities for skiing, snowboarding, skating and other open air winter activities. According to the Maalselv authorities, Norway has a unique climate conditions to offer Arctic tourism, yet in not so extreme temperatures. "Besides, a snowman is much more natural symbol of winter than "commercial" Santa", they add. Photoshop how life would be different if snowmen ruled the world. Some examples are: turning animals, celebrities and politicians into snowmen, showing snowmen in movies and paintings, etc.

Funny Snowman

Photoshop this snowman image any way you wish. Examples may include changing the snowman shape, merging the snowman with some other object or animal, including the snow man in paintings. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Lyina for help with the concept, and to SheCat of Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny Oversized Snowman

Oversized Snowman
Create images of oversized snowman / snowwoman, or any large snow sculptures.

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