Snow in a Claude Lorrain Painting
Snow in a Claude Lorrain Painting
Snow in a Claude Lorrain Painting. Member reactions:
Crafty, that green guy is a famous character named TT. Great Job with the boats, Hidden.
Good job removing all the people, but TT and Possum are now giants. Oh and though you made a nice ice job of the water, the reflections from the tiny boats in the middle are wrong
Thanks guys TT loved it. And Thanks Bob, hope I fixed it, perhaps I should get the Drunk Wombat a blanket before he freezes.
They look like giants, compared to the boats, nonetheless it's a cool chop.
Yes he is large but otherwise he would be so small no one would see him.

Funny Son of Man in the Snow by Magritte

Son of Man in the Snow by Magritte
Member reactions:
Thanks Gummy, Newsy, PSMandrake, Lu, and Crafty.

Funny First Snow by Pieter Bruegel

First Snow by Pieter Bruegel
Member reactions:
Looks great, this is the first one I picked to do, but changed my mine, you did a wonderful job.
Thank you, Hobbit. Good luck for your project.
Wonderful work on this, congrats on your win..

Funny Jon Snow Lives

Jon Snow Lives
Member reactions:
Great contrasting. Congrats on the wood

Funny Jon Snow with his Wolf

Jon Snow with his Wolf
Member reactions:
a fantastic build. Congrats Hits, and I thought I put a lot of work in mine Lol. Great Sources
Thank you Champ and NM. The rules never change. You could say the measure of a good chop is how well traces of the work are buried.
Dind't knew it's yours Hitspinner, I love the creativity and it fits perfect with the character Silver congrats..

Funny Jon Snow Winter is Coming

Jon Snow Winter is Coming
Member reactions:
Doesn't look like a chop, Looks like the real deal just filtered... Top 5 congrats.
Many thanks for comments Elegary, Newsy, UncleChamp, Hitspinner,, Wanderer Glad you like it .

Funny Jon Snow You Still Know Nothing

Jon Snow You Still Know Nothing

Funny Jon Snow on a Tropical Beach

Jon Snow on a Tropical Beach

Funny Baron Jon Snow Portrait

Baron Jon Snow Portrait

Funny Jon Snow is Alive Characture

Jon Snow is Alive Characture
Member reactions:
Fine chop, but it's not easy to recognize Jon Snow now.
Congrats on the Gold Elegary. Good Job, but for the likeness is a bit too exaggerated.

Funny Jon Snow Lives!

Jon Snow Lives!
The Game of Thrones fans - rejoice! It looks like we may see more of Jon Snow in season 6 - HBO released the poster teasing the show's return in April featuring Kit Harington's character. Although HBO repeatedly said before that Jon Snow was either dead or not returning, it looks like it's Snow way this can be true! Photoshop Jon Snow any way you wish.

Funny Let it Snow! (Winter Paintings)

Let it Snow! (Winter Paintings)
This Saturday, December 1, will mark the official end of autumn and the beginning of winter. Last year, dry and warm winter disappointed skiers, snowmobilers and winter enthusiasts. They have something to cheer about this week, as weather forecasts across the country promise snowier winter season than we had last year. Let it snow! To mark the upcoming start of winter, let's "winterize" any famous paintings by adding snow to them and adding warm winter clothes to the characters in the paintings. Adding snow is a must, adding winter clothes is optional.

Funny Midwest Snow Storm

Midwest Snow Storm
[ Utility crews worked overtime Saturday and Sunday to restore electrical service to thousands of customers still blacked out by the Midwest's first big snowstorm of the season. ] Somewhere I've read that a snowstorm is God's way of saying "take some days off". I can understand that. But when this snowstorm knocks out power and turns off lights, is it God's way of saying "take some days off and love thy spouse"? In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything connected to a recent Midwest snowstorm and power problems. E.g. feel free to create advertisements for any Midwest businesses / services that adjust to snowstorm and power problems.

Funny Snow World

Snow World
[ Canada's Niagara region & US western New York have been hit by a heavy snow-storm this week, cutting off electricity, and setting off a state of emergency in snow covered areas. ] If I learned something when I was a kid, it's that if you get lots of snow you can make a really cool snowman. And if you get a little bit more snow, you can turn your snowman into a nicely endowed snowwoman. Then you can turn your snowwoman into a snowman with huge snow balls. If you are a boy, you can also "write" your name in the snow. On the other hand, a heavy night snowstorm is God saying: "Take today off." So, lots of snow is a win-win situation for kids and for parents alike. Thus I don't get it why New Yorkers scream "Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow...Someplace else!!!" In this contest you are asked to show what the show world would look like by making things, people and animals from snow. We are not talking just about snow statues, we are talking about any indoor or outdoor objects - e.g., laptops made from snow, snow-made food, cars, weapons, etc. Clarification: snow is not the same as ice - keep that in mind when making your entries.

Funny Snow Mania

Snow Mania
Let's "go with the snow" and show some creative ways to cope with or use the snow that has hit Northeast. How will life change in Northeast while the "snow season" lasts?

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