Testing Sniper Rifle KSR
Testing Sniper Rifle KSR
Testing Sniper Rifle KSR.

Funny Sniper Bradley Cooper

Sniper Bradley Cooper
Member reactions:
This 'Sniper' is spelled with 4-"i's" - Ah, ha.
Simple and silly Thanks to Luciano, eric, Swash, Balodiya, and Triplex
Congratz on the Silly Silver You picked a Great Movie to work your magic, and the chalk graffiti perfect.
Hi-Yo Silver, Tim. Congrats. Excellent.
Ete can see you have worked hard Tim ...
, I appreciate the attempt, Chris hahahah. I thought you might be speaking French, then ete I caught the typo

Funny The Imitation Sniper Movie

The Imitation Sniper Movie
What IS this thing.
Member reactions:
This one is great. Lemme ask you, did you change the 'levels' or exposure or something than your original entry.
I did so some changes to the lighting. Tried to blend the colours and faces. Used various tools.
I spent a lot of time on it so can't really remember now. Thank you for your comment

Funny American Sniper with a Guitar

American Sniper with a Guitar
Member reactions:
Me likey.

Funny Abe Lincoln the Sniper

Abe Lincoln the Sniper
many thanks to phelandavion for the sniper body stock image and to alex for the awesome street view MOF Large view
Member reactions:
Great chop...a tad early for an acceptance speech though.
great job, scratches head. I would have thought it would have caught a cup

Funny Old Woman in Range of a Sniper

Old Woman in Range of a Sniper
If that radar is correct, then watch out for that purse. Granny Game - the next installment of Call of Duty.
Member reactions:
good one, FPS gamer idea it seems

Funny Stalin the Sniper

Stalin the Sniper
Nightmare Revisited
Member reactions:
Another work near the top. Congratulations
Another work near the top. Congratulations
Great picture.
Thank you, Pat, Marco, Luciano and Riccardo.
Such a nice concept and beautiful composition. But the weapon is not an AK-47
I am extremely buzzed on pain killers, pay it no mind. Sorry. Just having a minor setback. It is an AK design but in the 101 series Kalashnikov. Sniper version is what they say but sniper and machine gun seem to conflict I posted the wrong pic. wasn't even Russian It was the American answer to the AK-101 or something. You are right, it is not an AK-47
Hidden-it wasn't my intention to detract from your work. Armalite, inc is a US gun manufacturer. The AR-10 semi automatic sniper system (SASS) is not a variation of the Russian AK 47.
A hard efforts will bear fruit and this chop will prove at its best.... great composition showing war like situation Great Job done
Beautiful work Hits...and it would have looked just the same with an AK-47. Nice work and a well deserved Silver.
Thank you Jim, Pat, Luna, Doc, Gummy, SS, Rajesh, Eric, Xaos, NM, Balodiya, Toledo, Wanderer Luciano and Ricky Trek

Funny Barack Obama Sniper on The Statur of Liberty and his Presidential Hit List

Barack Obama Sniper on The Statur of Liberty and his Presidential Hit List
Member reactions:
Marvelous chop.... Great lighting effects all over the image... Nice choice of putting him on the Lamp of Liberty Good job
Nice View Excellent Place selection for targetting one
Splendid 'Presidential Hit List' Very clean and good conceptual work
Hey...he's back. Gold congrats, Young Mr. Salis.
Congratulations. Hope your Kevlar vest is keeping you safe.
thanks all, geriatric, I'm still hanging around old man.
Absolute freaking masterpiece. Congrats on the gold, master Salis.

Funny Army Sniper Groundhog

Army Sniper Groundhog
Member reactions:
good work .. like the reflection on the glass ..

Funny Wesley Snipes the Sniper

Wesley Snipes the Sniper

Funny Sniper

This is a tough contest: Help the sniper with his defense team. Photoshop an image of Muhammed and who you think would make the best defense lawyer for the accused.

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