Opium smoker
Opium smoker
Opium smoker. Nancy Opium smoker
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Thank you, good luck in Magritte contest.

Funny Samurai Smoker

Samurai Smoker
It was really fun doing this one. I hope it amuses a few folks. I smoked once upon a time. It is a tough monkey to have on your back. What helped me quit, half a lifetime ago, was the thought, why hold hands with your own death. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Life is much better without it.
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Great clever details and so well blended that it looks authentic. Thanks for sharing your story too. I used to smoke just for a year, but it wasn't easy to quit.
Awesome work Swashbuckle,clever and well executed.Congrats on the silver
Thanks guys. I'm learning a lot from you all. And this is fun.
I quit twice. Once for 6 years and come April 11th will be 5 years this time around. As of today I have saved $14,985 not counting the gas I used to get to the store to buy them. Seems incredible, huh. Exce3llent chop and congrats on the 2nd spot cup. There4 is a lot of work and goodies in this, Swashbuckle.
Congrats on your first trophy with us, Swash. Here's to many more.

Funny Smoker's Grim Reaper on Horseback

Smoker's Grim Reaper on Horseback
Stock Image
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Is it raining cigarettes. Nice use of Django.
Thanks. No,just some sparks from the flame.
Thumbs up on this one black,congrats on the bronze
Congrats on the bronze...Definite a style all in its own.

Funny Die Hard Smoker with Black Lungs

Die Hard Smoker with Black Lungs
Will smoke no matter what
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This make a great anti-smoking poster. Top job, Hidden
This is super cool chop, bloody and smoking negative effect to his lung is the news to all
Great entry. Fortunately he got lot of precautions for himself and the others.
Thanks NM, Gummy, Wanderer, Luciano, Eric, Elegary, Pat and, Jere.
NewsMaster is so right, this would make a perfect anti-smoking poster, love it and congrats on the win.
Congratulations on Silver, HitMan. Great Choppin..
Thank you Champ, Bob, Doc and Hobbit. Might be time to take a break
Congrats Hits. boy are you producing them lately. Where do you find the energy and where can i get me some.
Congratz Hit-man. Out of the box freaky. Believe it or not, for some the prospect of this outcome is still not a big enough deterrent to quit smoking. Super Chopping.
Thank you 420. SplatShot. Jere, I am retired/disabled and too busted up to get around our out very easily. It isn't energy that drives me it is actually the lack of. I don't recommend it so take care of your body while you are young and for God's sake don't get old. Anyway, ask Doc, for every chop I enter he enters three and he's older than I am. I'm pretty sure he has a 15 foot tall espresso machine in his kitchen
haha, yeah, i know what you mean. i haven't been taking care of myself at all the last 25 years. irresponsible living has left me with a busted knee, a painful shoulder, prostate problems and i haven't seen a dentist in forever, which i now cannot prospone any longer, since i wake up looking for the ibuprofen every morning.
Arrrrrgh, yeah. Dentists. Eeeeuuuucccck. Well, it has been nearly two years since I was last on this thread and I'm doing a lot better... mostly. Ups and downs but progressively better I would say. I stopped eating mass quantities of sugar and eat a lot less. I was 233 pounds and am dropping them weekly until I reach my goal of 175 pounds... Hope you are doing better

Funny What Happens to Smokers

What Happens to Smokers
NYC expands smoking ban to include e-cigarettes Bulgaria smoking ban to stay Russia starts stubbing out smoking in public places sources
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This is super great. But, since the article is about banning E-Cigs, shouldn't it be an E-Cig in the mouth.
the idea was that the banning of the e cigaret drove him to civil disobedience and back to the ol'cig. (i mainly just liked the look of the real cig better i quess) This pic could also aply to bulgarian smokeban http://www.euronews.com/2013/12/12/bulgaria-smoking-ban-to-stay-as-parliament-rejects-amendments-to-health-act/ or Russian smokeban, although then i should probably replace the beer and poster with wodka...
Got to be Opcrom hahaha. Over the top creepy, mate Hahahah Beer glass rig is a crack-up
good one . I like much the poster " ... y singles night"
JERE JERE JEREEEEE. Congrats on the gold. How awesome to see you again.
Jere, I think it's time you finally setup your site avatar...
Thanks guys. Newsy, i'll try to participate more often, but it's becoming harder and harder to get myself to cut out all those darn pictures and mash them together. I could get me a avatar though. that shouldn't take to long.
Knew this was yours. Congrats on the win mate.
Any time you can squeeze a piece, Jere, - I know you are a busy fella. Thanks for putting up an avatar - I always knew you had a cheerful face
it was the best photo of me i could find.
Ha I could have sworn this was the work of Opcrom. Then I thought it could be Ozplasmic or however that is spelled and did not think it was yours for one second. Congratulations Jere, good to see you back....
Absolutely Freaky Jere....:8 Congratulations on the win.
Wonderfully weird.. Big Congrats Jeremix.
Had to come back for another look.... this is so freaky Jere. Jeeze hahahahah

Funny Smokers Teeth

Smokers Teeth
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Nice arrangement of Cigarette buds with Teeth

Funny The Smoker Digital Art

The Smoker Digital Art
I did this picture because I wanted to use my 'smoking brushes' just because they are fun to use, not to promote or put down smoking.
Member reactions:
Frankly, I think it's unfortunate that we live in a world where you feel that you have to justify the cigarette in your image. The hypersensitive, politically-correct contingent forces us to walk on eggshells and it shouldn't be that way. I'm no tobacco advocate, but if the woman in your picture is a smoker…then by-golly, let her smoke.
Thank you for your comments, balodiya and NewsMaster. Hi, AntonZ, I agree that sometimes we feel forced to walk on eggshells in order not to offend someone.

Funny Smoker Turning to Ash Smoking a Cigarette

Smoker Turning to Ash Smoking a Cigarette
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Thats a real cigarette smoker. Smok'in them down to the butt , even has the Nic stains on the two fingers to prove it . Cool Chop Hidden ...
Good chop. Just my personal taste . . . would have increased text size and decreased size of background, a tad, to accentuate the central image.
Awesome work, I agree to Steve10
thanx all, Steve & ericnorthend: I reduced the empty space and enlarged the text a tad
Excellent way of letting people that the tobacco kills, great pic of slow death
Congrats on the gold Salis ...
Congratulations on the gold Salis. Wicked impressive work.
Golden congrats, salis2006

Funny Celebrity Smokers Cemetery

Celebrity Smokers Cemetery
Cancer makes NO exceptions
Member reactions:
There is always room for one more. Concept works well. Good luck.

Funny Kate Beckinsale - Bearded Smoker

Kate Beckinsale - Bearded Smoker
Member reactions:
Great chop..I like women who don't shave.
Thanks guys.... To carl3-..I like women who don't shave too.
Nice chop...maybe the lips are too pinkish in hue, it doesn't fit with the rest of the skintones...but good work
berdulano really amazing work thought it's would get high score ... keep up top works man
And I'm joining the "Bearded women's lovers" club. ^_^

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