Smoking Nancy
Smoking Nancy
Smoking Nancy. . Member reactions:
It's good but, would have made it look more like teeth missing.
Creative work.... nice to see the smoke bubbles and good job no teeth at all

Funny Obama in Oval Office Smoking a Bong in The Big Bong Theory

Obama in Oval Office Smoking a Bong in The Big Bong Theory
. Member reactions:
loooool very funny chop and perfectly done.
Awesome Obama is playing the bong and the smoke engulfed his oval office like the biden carrying some Marijuana leaves for the bong Nice theory explained
I like his Beeeeeg Foot .. I am out of my mind seeing this funny idea with smoking a55 Love it
another great gold paul... i have not words... you are a great winner... maaaaaaaaany congrats....
Sheesh...all you have to do to win here is put up a real picture. (ha) Congrats on the gold.
High marks for "high" chop. Congrats on the gold, Paul.
Thanks, Dr. Silvercanine. Thanks, JojjE. Thanks, Newsy.
Now this is a chop for your Greatest Hits portfolio. This is excellent. It is not overblown camp, just perfect integration of standard primio chopping 101 and delivers as such. Well done

Funny Man Smoking Huge Canibis Bong

Man Smoking Huge Canibis Bong
. Member reactions:
Well wrapped ... a cigarette bud still have some fire at its edge
THis is what I want sometimes.. Yeh I am talking about the Size defiantly

Funny Sea Captain Robert DeNiro Smoking a Pipe

Sea Captain Robert DeNiro Smoking a Pipe
. Member reactions:
Well done in putting the bubbles instead of Smoke... Environment friendly pipe
Clean and neat Nice bubbles from the pipe
His eye is bubbled pipe and freaky mermaid very cool
I consider this one of my all time best so am a bit curious as to why it did not do better. Thanks for the votes and input.
Nice work he looks like a cross between Tom Hanks and Basil Rathbone

Funny Pot Smoking in the Nursing Home

Pot Smoking in the Nursing Home
Now that smoking pot is legal, ex- hippies can get high in nursing homes.. Member reactions:
These are all the aftereffects of having Bong lovely oldies having fun at their last stages of life

Funny Baboon Smoking Pot in the Garden

Baboon Smoking Pot in the Garden
Like Johnny, I too enjoy relaxing in the flower garden. Sources Plus Size . Member reactions:
Lovely chop... Monkey at its heights like the way monkey is having a bong
Goon got the shot in this beautiful weather
Thanks for all the great comments, Rajesh, Robin, Sunshine, PSMandrake, Paul, Eric, Suni, Balo, and too everyone one that voted.
Hah, too funny. I should have voted higher on a lot of these. I had to evaluate them on a laptop outside and the light washed out everything. I would have done better to not even vote. Oh well, live and learn
Made me giggle fer sure. Congrats on the wood, SS.

Funny Smoke Wars

Smoke Wars
. Member reactions:
Smoke from mouth of Steel Bull..reminds me the scene from 'Immortals'

Funny Smoke Dragons

Smoke Dragons
hopefully i can nail this a little better before it's due but just in case.. Member reactions:
Smoking is dangerous to health. see the dragon.

Funny Walking-smoking-drinking sisters

Walking-smoking-drinking sisters
. Member reactions:
Great integration of the faces. A detail that would really make this pop would be a distorted plaid pattern in the bottle/ semi-transparent liquid. Maybe a hint of shading where the hand contacts the label of the bottle.
This just made me laugh. Great Job.
The entire frame has changed good to see them in different attaire Great work done...
Awesome idea and its so funny the way you put there faces and the smoke is hilarious 3 stooges and the forth Girl in background

Funny Degas Coke and smoke advertisement

Degas Coke and smoke advertisement
. Member reactions:
Very well balance in this chop good idea and nice job done to make the look feel real
Love this so much, I looked up the original. Well done ...

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