Kylie's Minogue's Smile
Kylie's Minogue's Smile
Kylie's Minogue's Smile. Please see the original source and view the full sized image for more Kylie details. Happy Birthday Kylie.
Member reactions:
You made her pretty.... doesn't look like 45.... but looks like 30 Very impressive work and clean job done
Thank you rajeshstar. I had a photo picked out for her to be dropped into a fantasy background with a new body but I only noticed the contest with less than 4 hours remaining so I decided to concentrate just on her close up.
ericnorthend, I couldn't find any photos of her looking older so I'm thinking her current photos show she is an amazing beauty at any age.

Funny Tony Scott Smiling From Heaven

Tony Scott Smiling From Heaven
Member reactions:
Great work with the source, nice mix of fog and the lovely plants like the idea of putting his head bigger than life... well done
good thinking showing the way of life, nice job
So Nice thought and very well executed good job
Lots of thanks Subhraj1t, Rajeshstar, Burnsey, Suni, Balodiya very glad you like it
Let the sun shine in, wonderful chop, what's new.
Many thanks for congrats Jcsuperman, Vicspa, Geriatric, Pcrdds, Hohouse nothing new here, just happy to back chopping
Love the juicy colors here. Congrats on the silver, Sun.

Funny Smiling Skeleton

Smiling Skeleton
Member reactions:
You commented on my entry ... i am honored.thank you.
Hahahahaha...gets a smile outa me...Brilliant..
Crustified but, has nice teeth. "Paging Dr. Chuckles.."
End is inevitable for a new horizon, life is temporary its comes and goes, but the feel always remain same I feel good here

Funny Mona Lisa Smile

Mona Lisa Smile
Member reactions:
I like the sunny happy mood in this abstractization.

Funny Smiling Mask

Smiling Mask
Member reactions:
This is very bizarre, but very cool at the same time.
Nice work I ready for my closeup now Mr. D

Funny Smiling Hillary Clinton Caricature

Smiling Hillary Clinton Caricature

Funny Smiles

Member reactions:
took me a minute, but nice. finally got it

Funny Scarlette Johansson Big Smile

Scarlette Johansson Big Smile

Funny Smiling Giraffe

Smiling Giraffe
Member reactions:
this is a tall eleffant. what's newsmaster had to drink (or snort).

Funny Smiling Lady Painting

Smiling Lady Painting
Member reactions:
I'll give you points for great imagination.
My favorite of the whole bunch of entries ..

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