Smile Kitty
Smile Kitty
Smile Kitty.

Funny Is Turtle an Animal? he's Smiling

Is Turtle an Animal? he's Smiling

Funny Golden smile

Golden smile
Member reactions:
I'd put my money on this one, best of 58.
I thought this had a good chance for Gold yet you're cleaning up in this one Den 🍻
You might be the first to win three in a swapfest. Holy cow, congrats on the wood
d at the gold teeth, congrats again buddy

Funny Sheeple Smile

Sheeple Smile
people compared to sheep in being docile, foolish, or easily led

Funny The famous dolphin's smile

The famous dolphin's smile
Member reactions:
I keep thinking of Mr Limpet.. Congratsss Denlig...
Congrats on the Silver, Bronze (best of the bunch, in my opinion), and Wood.
Had cup all over it, Congrats on the trifecta, Bronze kudos
3 cups at a time, I can't believe it . Thank you all

Funny Smiling Cheetah

Smiling Cheetah

Funny Smile



Member reactions:
"Hey, can I take a selfie of what. "hahahah Congrats on the silver .

Funny The famous mysterious smile of the Mona Lisa

The famous mysterious smile of the Mona Lisa
Member reactions:
I love how she beams(comes alive).. congrats Wanderer..
Congrats on the Wood, lovely job, but please no chopping next 4 years
Do you know why Elegary's second place work was removed from American Paintings contest. What's wrong.

Funny Obamas eyes are smiling

Obamas eyes are smiling

Funny Dog Meets Dentures = SMILE

Dog Meets Dentures = SMILE
This 'smiling' dog ended up with a bizarre grin after clamping its jaws around a discarded set of false teeth. Lucas Alves Magalhăes, from Monte Aprazível, Brazil, found his dog, Pandora, chomping on the dentures after finding them in the garden of his home. The 32-year-old, a deputy headteacher at an agricultural college, said the false teeth appeared to fit perfectly in the animal's mouth. Give ANY animal a set of HUMAN TEETH. As in this news story, try to make the teeth fit perfectly in your animal's mouth. No Politicians, No Entertainers allowed! For more background on this story Visit This Link

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