I Smell A Rat !
I Smell A Rat !
I Smell A Rat !. Have you ever felt that someone is telling you something that is not true. Perhaps they are trying to lie to you. In that case, you smell a rat. When we feel that something someone or something is not honest, we smell a rat. Idiom
Member reactions:
The rats have come home to roost, top 5 congrads.
Lol, entertaining king of rats chop. Great job on the rat transition, Hobbit.
Beautiful fur and great blending of the heads..top job👍
Top 5 grrrats, Hobbit. Yep... Couple of rancid smelly Rodents here.
Hey, thanks to each of you, maybe someday our country will be Normal Again, feel like we all are in the "Twilight Zone".

Funny Smell A Rat

Smell A Rat
Suspicious: causing a feeling that something is wrong or that someone is behaving wrongly. Even these two rodents can smell a big fat rat.
Member reactions:
Excellent Cohen Rat and very news topical. Congrats on the Gold, Ollie.
Thanks PixJockey, hobbit90, Gummy, & MsgtBob. ReggieRey, I started the chop and then saw 2 articles calling Cohen a rat - made me pretty excited.

Funny John, I Smell Fish Again.

John, I Smell Fish Again.

Funny Russia, Sanctions, Putin, Smell is not good.

Russia, Sanctions, Putin, Smell is not good.
Member reactions:
Good job in shadows... Putin looks confident in sanctions

Funny Groundhog Smelling a Babies Diaper

Groundhog Smelling a Babies Diaper
If Groundhogs Ruled ,,they would pull little humans out of their homes ,and if they had a Stinky diaper there would be 45 days till spring :/
Member reactions:
There would be 45 days of snow, yellow snow... Great work.
That's what happen when you frighten a baby
ha ha.... good way to represent the green wave of stink flowing over the air
Thanks the contest was a gas.
Hahahahah That is just wrong. Cracked me up. Lots of work pree. Pretty good job on the paws. I always dread trying to make animal hands actually look like functioning appendages rather than stuck on stick figures that look like stuck on stick figures. Nicely done and congrats on the cup, sorry I got in the way, I mean, I'm not real sorry, but sort of sorry. oh heck I here squealing like a little girl hehe. Stay warm young lady. There is a brutal mess heading your way. We're right in the middle of it, mud, muck, snow ewwwyucky mucky.
yes hits hard to find nice nice groundhog hands And I love the competition....

Funny Adrien Brody and His Dog Smell the Roses

Adrien Brody and His Dog Smell the Roses
Member reactions:
Excellent Job. I Love the way you put the two together.
Thank You Nanny. I appreciate your comments.
Thank you Wanderer, for your uplifting words..
Thanks Newsy, I agree, they could be twins hehe

Funny Smell Of Boss Perfume by Barack Obama

Smell Of Boss Perfume by Barack Obama
Member reactions:
Actually, I was thinking about the other type of "S.O.B.", . Great chop.

Funny Bad Smell in Elevator

Bad Smell in Elevator
We finally traced the source of the odor, it was those dammed Bean Burritos.
Member reactions:
OH MAN. at least he's showin your colors...
ha ha ha ha
If this doesn't make you laugh, yer dead. Funny funny pic.

Funny Sweet Smell Clinton

Sweet Smell Clinton
Member reactions:
I can't stop laughting. This one caught me by surprise

Funny This ball smells

This ball smells

Funny Smell

Photoshop smell by packaging or canning any unique smell or substances that might be unusual or from a time long ago.

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