Giant Serena Williams Smashing a Tennis Ball
Giant Serena Williams Smashing a Tennis Ball
Giant Serena Williams Smashing a Tennis Ball. Tennis

Funny Mad Bigfoot Smashes His Laptop

Mad Bigfoot Smashes His Laptop
Member reactions:
No comments. Your 1st comment:"Love it. Good luck."
Awesome turn of source pics to make the Marvelous Big foot amazing job really like it all the best for the trophy
Got reviled to public is terribly shown in His anger with the Freaky Lifetime Battery Backed-up laptop I like the details in the fur and expression. Quality chop hidden
Beautiful. I love how it tells a story. A well deserved win.
Congratulations-love it. This contest was a tough call from the start.
Dang, You got a lot of miles out of a couple of pics. Great job on the hair layers and congrats on the gold.
Congrats, salis2006.
Superb work. The master is back. Congrats on the gold, Salis.
thanks all peeps,i had a lot of fun doing this Silvercanine: happy Eid to you too Bro.

Funny Man Smashing a Guitar

Man Smashing a Guitar
Sorry for innocent doggy involved in couples divorce process.
Member reactions:
Amazing work good effort with lots of chop and cleaver chop
Great band your entry really rocks good job in removing the Axe and putting a guitar ... it really rocks

Funny Monsters Smash Attacking People

Monsters Smash Attacking People

Funny Tractor Smashing Cars

Tractor Smashing Cars

Funny Hulk Smash

Hulk Smash
'The Incredible Hulk' smashes box office source
Member reactions:
What happened to his skin. He looks more like Thing now.
Hulk put his face through too many box office windows.
Boom, this one is out of the park. Well done
Bronze Hulk for Mr. Rain - congratulations.
Thanks all: ) Have a Hulkamania day, as Hogan would say.

Funny Smashed Framed Photos

Smashed Framed Photos
It's a Bad Gift for a Freaker Member to Received a Broken Frame Souvenir with Your Face on It. WHAT THE USE.. thanks my freakers family for the pic. fullimage please.
Member reactions:
cooooooooool but sad. i lost my face break in that frame
thanks everyone. also thanks freakers for the Pic..

Funny Tara Conner Smashes Donald Trumps Car

Tara Conner Smashes Donald Trumps Car
Donald stripped her of her crown once. She threatened to tell the world what she knew about him. Donald reconsidered.

Funny Smashing Pumpkins

Smashing Pumpkins
Rogaine Gone Wild
Member reactions:
I like the work on the hair in general. Cleaning up the forehead a bit and giving the fluff some highlights might make this work better IMO.
Couldn't do much with the forehead, but I did a little something to the doo. How's that.
Love it, very well done.......... Makes the image totally believable

Funny Man Smashing a Beer Bottle

Man Smashing a Beer Bottle
From now on EVERYONE brings their own opener.

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