Smart big foot
Smart big foot
Smart big foot. Source
Member reactions:
Sorry I didn't look at the source, shame on me. Awesome transformation.

Funny Smart and Smarter

Smart and Smarter

Funny Smart forone

Smart forone
The new Smart Brabus has gone on display at the Beijing Motor Show 2016
Member reactions:
Let me guess, it comes with a rope to hook to the car in front of you because there is no room for a motor. Very cute lil car.
superb. hope this may reduce some traffic issue.
Great, but if you are five you need three of this cars so....traffic...
Congrats on the Bronze Beijing Brabus. Nice work, Denlig.
Ha. Reminds me of the car I just bought. Congrats Denlig.

Funny Conan O'Brien Is Very Smart

Conan O'Brien Is Very Smart
Conan O'Brien's IQ of 160 matches that of Stephen Hawking
Member reactions:
Hawking is just 160. Congrats on the gold
Gold, Silver and top 5, Congrats, Paul. Great news pictures.

Funny Smart Phone Camera Prototype

Smart Phone Camera Prototype
Camera News

Funny Vladimir Putin in Get Smart

Vladimir Putin in Get Smart
Lower the Cone of Silence.
Member reactions:
What an idea i though it to be a smart phone, but when i look down to the feet then i realized a spy gadget was used in the shoe

Funny Jeremy Clarkson Driving a Smart Car

Jeremy Clarkson Driving a Smart Car
The only way you would get Jeremy Clarkson in a Smart car. Dumb it down a little with MORE POWER.
Member reactions:
Great Miniature displayed of this car, it looks to be in high speed good one
Ha ha ha Driver getting freeze coz of speed
thanks to everyone for your comments. Sorry I was busy and unable to vote today. I would have had similar conclusions. Thanks again.
Congratulations. Time to polish-up yer' pointy hat.
if I voted, this would have gotten my top vote.
Great work on the car, license plate, and I love what you did to his face. Congrats on the bronze, TDC.
Thanks again everyone. Don't know if anyone noticed the FreakingNews logo on the hood of the car. Also on the license plate.

Funny Barack Obama Smart Alec in Britain

Barack Obama Smart Alec in Britain
Obama code-named ‘smart alec’ in Britain
Member reactions:
Excellent chop. And thanks for the news link - I now know how they called him

Funny Smart Fish Looking at Shark

Smart Fish Looking at Shark
Stocks Used Short Tutorial about Painting inspired from finding nemo movie . hope you like it
Member reactions:
Excellent work. Better than finding nemo.
thanks alot coolkat - Goat - Balodiya and Joaon glad you guys like this chop
Buen trabajo. Gran ilustración.
gracias TaitaViracocha , me alegro de que os guste
I am not sure what is going on here with the bubble and the fish inside it, but it looks mighty cool. I like how you gave the fish and the shark such emotions on their faces.
it's about the fish want to travel by balloon out off sea so the shark catch her thank you newsy
Awesome.. what about the worms . Trip Supplies ..
i guess this is kratos style you did perfect job again
yeah salis it's really unlucky trip for that smarty fishy , thank you and thank you too blooddiamond
Very cool artwork....congrats D.C. Well deserved.
thanks alot guys alot off peoples in da love this style i got about 505 favs there in DeviantArt i will keep doing this kind of draw i guess .. glad all you like it
It is assumed that this work had to win. Superior in every way. But congratulations, my friend, for the silver.
Thank you Taita i surprised a bit yes but it's ok with me not a big problem .. i will do my best next time
Awesome work Kratos, congrats on the silver..
Could be the winner, in my point of view. Anyway, congrats on silver
thanks Pike and zorro i thought that too zorro
thanks geriatric .. what will happen in 2012 . alot off firework .

Funny The Smart Dinosaur

The Smart Dinosaur
Dinosaurs may have been even taller than first thought my idea was they was taller coz they wear tall boots made by that smart Dino VIEW Sources Painting WIP I used pic of movie as refer for this painting Please Full View
Member reactions:
Rolling on the floor -- --> Down the stairs -- --> to the street of laughter .. crazy Idea and perfectly Done...
, clever, funny and excellent
Thanks alot Meert , hobbit , and hitman I Uploaded the Sources and Painting WIP now , hope you like it
absolutely amaaaaaaazing ,, awesome work
...The WIP really shows the talent taken to create this AWESOME chop. If only the WIP had been there B4 I voted
thanks DDB the wip uploaded before vote start with 3 hours ... you was drinking something so you didn't see it . thanks suchag33k
congratulations Kratosssss keep up the good work
Congratulations D-Kratos. Really nice work-you keep getting better and better with every chop.
Beautifully done. You just get better and better. Good on you.
Your painting is just perfect, I love the Dino skin texture, would love to paint something like that in the future. Congrats on the well deserved place.
Very clever composition - love how the dino is measuring the boot with the ruler. Stunning execution too, definitely one of your best chops yet.
Congrats on the win Kratos... My back still hurting me from rolling on the floor...
Hi dear. So nice to see you here. Another masterpiece I see, congratulations.
Hey guys .. thanks for all i did spend daamn 18 hours on it .. thought it's would scored more thanks for all great comments and nice votes guys , i will be away for month i guess and hope to join again soon
sails .. watch out next time mate hahah
Awesome work Kratos. Congrats on the gold.
thanks pike it's was close contest thank you Funkman ..
it's a fantastic chop...put in my fav...congrats for the cold.
thanks hobbit - iboudesign , glad you like my work

Funny Smart Vegetarian

Smart Vegetarian
According to the latest study, vegetarians have higher IQs. At the same time scientists tell us "you are what you eat". In other words, if you are a vegetarian, you must be a couch potato with IQ of 500. In this contest you are asked to photoshop people as fruits and vegetables and somehow show that they have higher IQs (give them some nerdy features like thick glasses, etc, or show them doing intelligent (or nerdy) things - studying, reading books, solving crosswords, playing chess, working at computer.)

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