Mr Bean the Sloth
Mr Bean the Sloth
Mr Bean the Sloth.

Funny Elvis Presley Sloth Face

Elvis Presley Sloth Face
Member reactions:
Very funny..... all objects come together making the head and chin bigger very well done
I think he sort of resembles Matt Leblanc from FRIENDS. A bit.

Funny Clint Howard the Sloth

Clint Howard the Sloth
Member reactions:
Like a mix of "From Dusk Until Dawn" and a thrift store closeout commercial ha.

Funny Joker Sloth

Joker Sloth
The first 60 chops were warm-ups. Now let's see what you got.
Member reactions:
This is awesome... all features were well fitted.... His teeth and cheeks were perfectly placed with scary eyes as well good job done
Thank you Ariel. I wanted to spice up the contest with something really super freaky
THANKS FOR THE VOTES FOLKS. I was dismayed and darn near ready to just say screw it for a while when this was ranked something like 10th. Real evident there was some lowballing then some high karma people came in and undid the evil You lowballers should learn a lesson from this. Your early low votes will always be trumped by honest high karma voters. All your low votes will do is aggravate and blow off the experienced choppers that entertain you so much. Anyway, that's my bi yearly rant. I'll get back on my meds now
Wild chop. Congrats on the wood, Hitman.

Funny Abraham Lincoln Sloth

Abraham Lincoln Sloth
Member reactions:
Lovely sloth creation good work on this chop to bring Lincoln in sloth features face

Funny Gary Oldman Sloth

Gary Oldman Sloth
Member reactions:
This looks clean.... and so natural No body will believe it was photo chopped
This is sweet choppage too. What filters did you use.

Funny Bill O'Riley Sloth

Bill O'Riley Sloth
Experimental textures and overpaint
Member reactions:
Look more like an alien from Mars.... rather than Sloth faced celebrity
all the better Jest3r Thanks for the noticing, here is the modification just for you Strange smile

Funny Nicke Minaj Sloth

Nicke Minaj Sloth
Member reactions:
All features were perfectly balanced wonderful eyes, ears and lips nice expressions

Funny Alec Baldwin Sloth Face

Alec Baldwin Sloth Face
Member reactions:
Thanks, apparently no one else does. Not doing too good in votes and that surprises me because everybody around here thinks it's sic.
Dunno why when I chop him he always turns out so ugly

Funny Newt Gingrich the Sloth

Newt Gingrich the Sloth
Newt Gingrich
Member reactions:
Could be a good caricature too. He kinda looks sloth like all the time.

Funny Sloth Celebrities

Sloth Celebrities
Reddit user treverhaas created a new meme and called it Sloth-facing, with a series of chops where celebrities look like sloths. The idea is to move the eyes and the eyebrows a bit down the face, and move them more apart. The mouth is moved up the face, closer to the nose. As a result, the face looks wider and the forehead and chin look huge. Make celebrity faces look like sloths, as in the examples above.

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