Coffee Grinder Slot Machine
Coffee Grinder Slot Machine
Coffee Grinder Slot Machine. Member reactions:
Very innovative idea nice engravement of Pull and the handle attached to it
Lucianomorelli, Great seria pictures from you. I like all your works.

Funny Morris Minor Slot Car

Morris Minor Slot Car
Member reactions:
Lovely miniature concept.... looks cute in the race course
Its different and nice idea to show tiny car show

Funny Bill Maher Using US Election Slot Machine Voting

Bill Maher Using US Election Slot Machine Voting
Looks like Bill Maher is not happy with his voting result.
Member reactions:
I'm from Vegas and I think this would be fantastic. Why didn't I think of this. LoL
Casting vote and getting that sucks Taco is a risk decision Vote for your country not for Taco Funny peeping Putin
Hahaha, I like speaking Putin and Medvedev in the background. Bronze congrats too, Paul.

Funny FreakingNews Slot Machines

FreakingNews Slot Machines
It's the Big JackPot......
Member reactions:
Hit 3 Chili's & you win the jackpot .... Love it , Thx Hidden
I love this Innovative idea great job done, this is chopping and money drawing machine
Ha ha ha nice work waiting for my jackpot trying in Apprentice
Very clever, Bernie and very well done nice FN family chop.

Funny Saxaphone Slot Machine Gun

Saxaphone Slot Machine Gun
Member reactions:
If music could kill. Actually it can. Good job. Just some strange bright spot where the sax is attached to the gun.

Funny Escher's Ball with Slots and Blades - Phantasm

Escher's Ball with Slots and Blades - Phantasm
Member reactions:
really cool,that was a good movie, by the way.
The idea, the slots, the blades with the drill and the reflections, - is the true parade of clever art here
Yey, my first bronze. Thanks to all who voted. I'm saving up for a graphics tablet and every little helps, (curves are darned annoying with a mouse.)....cheers. ....nerb
Congratulations, nerb. You are on a roll.

Funny Rat Playing a Slot Machine

Rat Playing a Slot Machine

Funny Berry Slot Machine

Berry Slot Machine

Funny Children in a Slot Machine

Children in a Slot Machine
Member reactions:
Is this slot machine coming here to Las Vegas soon..

Funny The O.J. Slot Machine

The O.J. Slot Machine
Jury finds O.J. Simpson guilty on all charges
Member reactions:
Love the composition. Three mugshots - equals prison.
I'll be looking for this slot machine to show up here in Las Vegas any time now. No matter how many dollars you put in this...You LOSE. A word to OJ..What happens in Vegas,YOU stay in Vegas.

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