The Slimmers Dream
The Slimmers Dream
The Slimmers Dream. Drink tequila, lose weight. How sugars found in the Mexican spirit have 'tremendous' potential to fight obesity
Member reactions:
I like how you used the past source photo. The woman in front seems to have the bottom part of her body missing, so I suggest you slightly cut the bottom part of the image - this way she will appear standing
The obese woman is sitting down. I will try to do as you suggest if I've the time.
I managed to adjust the woman in the foreground to appear as if she is standing, although I chose a 3D effect as it is too difficult to deal with the dark jeans.
I like it better this was - when she was "sitting", it looked like she was missing legs
Oh rat bits, too late to fix now, I'm sure the pre-pic is loose in your cache somewhere...

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