Carlos Slim
Carlos Slim
Carlos Slim. Member reactions:
He wont get anywhere just 1/4 of a Mariachi Band.
Congrads on the Bronze Cup.Well Done great colors
Like the clouds effect and Poor man enjoy with vodka great work congratulations

Funny Slim Kim

Slim Kim

Funny Slim School Bus

Slim School Bus

Funny Carrie Underwood For Slim-Crap Diet Shakes

Carrie Underwood For Slim-Crap Diet Shakes
Member reactions:
Nice concept of putting that model in the ad good one like it
She will try to cross world record of slim
Another fine Crapco product. Double-Congratulations.
Thanks, G-Man. Yes, another fine Crapco product.
Congrats on the wood, Paul. Together with PJ, you've split the podium.

Funny Slim Elvira

Slim Elvira
My hearts on fire for:
Member reactions:
Like the zombie concept.... Zombies do not attack Anorexic celebrities

Funny Slim Princess Kate in the Palace

Slim Princess Kate in the Palace
Details from more than 10 pics. BEFORE and AFTER
Member reactions:
She is too lean to appreciate... like the work good one

Funny Oprah's Slim-fast Valentine

Oprah's Slim-fast Valentine
Kid did not miss a chance.
Member reactions:
. Stupid Kid
Too Hilarious Michael pic is used as a Dart board and Obama is in high airs after her hand laid on his head
This is the new way of getting slim fast Kid is so innovative
Lovely. I like the darts thrown in the Michelle's photo on the wall Congrats on the bronze, Wanderer.
Thank you, All. I like to be in your company.

Funny Raphael Virginia Slims Advert

Raphael Virginia Slims Advert
"The good old days when women smoked like chimneys on these slim ciggies to help 'em diet."
Member reactions:
She'd be even better if she didn't smoke.
Well thought out, The smoke police weren't around in Raphael's time so this lady could enjoy a smoke in peace.
Yeah... agreed women were biologically superior than Men and the smoking rights were deserved to them wonderful idea seen here

Funny Poor Carlos Slim

Poor Carlos Slim
Carlos Slim Lost About $6.7 Billion This Week

Funny Tiger Slim Shady

Tiger Slim Shady
Member reactions:
Lol Hemant Thank you so much Ricky, Balodiya.

Funny Slim-Fast Diet

Slim-Fast Diet
Slim-Fast and Whoopi Goldberg are parting company so it looks as the diet company is going to be looking for a new spokesperson. Photoshop who you think should now promote their diet and become the company's next spokesperson.

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