Thomas Edison Putting a Light Bulb to Sleep in Bed
Thomas Edison Putting a Light Bulb to Sleep in Bed
Thomas Edison Putting a Light Bulb to Sleep in Bed. Thanks to: News Story
Member reactions:
Well done... like the illustration of the glow of light good one
Light on the life, his face is very well shaded and looks fantastic with that expression
Quality art with excellent light and shadow work
Congrats on another golden nugget, Hitman.
Another great one hitspinner. Congrats on the gold
Whew, crazy day. been on the road to visit family, arrived to this wonderful surprise. You guys and gals made it a Merry Christmas indeed. Thank you Pat, Msgt Bob, AZ Woodbox, Doc, NM, Pree, Eric, Balodiya, Sulliishere and Rajesh. I've had a much appreciated winning streak but have to take a short break over the holidays. I hope you all flourish and prosper and your dreams come to pass. ... OOO

Funny Sleeping Baby Fairy in a Matchbox

Sleeping Baby Fairy in a Matchbox
She cares for the children hyper active, those who love tinkering with fire, put my finger in the socket, down hot pans from the stove ... this fairy has work deserves a little nap right.
Member reactions:
Lovely work. I like the macro effect here
Like the baby sleeping inside the match box like the see the match sticks and the baby... so miniature
Ohhhh so cute and Good utilization of Match box

Funny Man Sleeping on a Grill

Man Sleeping on a Grill
Member reactions:
many things that have been confusing to people will become clear once he get a Hot-Fork-Barbe-Q
very hilarious this may be his last sleep
Bronze for BF too - woo hoo. Congrats again.
Double Bronze congrats, BF. Made me laugh out loud.
Feeling like chopping in hot colors lately. Hahahah gross and funny, it doesn't get better than that Congrats on the double cups

Funny Sleeping Man Behind Jodi Arias with a Big Knife

Sleeping Man Behind Jodi Arias with a Big Knife
Jody's back. She has a really big knife and she doesn't look happy.
Member reactions:
She has the fair chance to kill the patient Beware of sleeping in the hospital bed
Could be under Freaking News. She looks dangerous, even without a knife.
Hopefully this wasn't too obscure for everyone. Jody is Jody Arias who was recently convicted of murdering her boyfriend by stabbing him 27 times, slitting his throat and shooting him in the head - Link to Story

Funny Salvador Dali Dream Sleep Tablets

Salvador Dali Dream Sleep Tablets
Member reactions:
This looks like a recycling of dreams... which keep coming every alternative day good chop of making this AD
Now this is so interesting product dedicated to the master
Yeah, goofified brilliant hahahahah Says it all

Funny Sleep Walking Zombies

Sleep Walking Zombies
Member reactions:
No body will sleep... if they see this.. Nightmare encounters
This is good work and what is that Deadly Fashion store
This one is excellent Ho.Should have scored higher in my opinion.
Okay, I'm thrilled. Where's my monkey... I need to pound it . Fine job, D,

Funny Madonna with Sleeping Angel Babies

Madonna with Sleeping Angel Babies
* SSsssttt...everyone sleeps, silence please_Six.Madona of Rafalel... tribute in 2013 World Dream of dreaming... is a Pure Fantasy World
Member reactions:
Well said.... Sleep is the only way to view the fantasy world... All are sleeping except the old man... and the kids were so cute...
Nice Fantasy Looks very nice Tocuhing idea

Funny Sleeping Hot Air Balloon by Dali

Sleeping Hot Air Balloon by Dali
Member reactions:
The canvas texture doesn't match the texture of Dali's original work ... but the idea is great and the coloration is terrific, too.
Excellent.... the shadows and the balloon stand was amazing

Funny Barack Obama Sleeping After the Apocalypse

Barack Obama Sleeping After the Apocalypse
thank you to soloeffect on deviantart for the background
Member reactions:
Nice thoughts.... Nice resolutions taken for others and live for others is a good noble cause Good chop using Obama and FN Webpage pic
Great reference to FN here. Congrats on the wood, moya.
Very nicely done, moyathegreat Congrats on the wood.

Funny Dr. Sleep

Dr. Sleep
Birthday shoutout: Stephen King Stephen King announces sequel to The Shining after 36 years of suspense dr-sleep
Member reactions:
Such a great're really good in lighting and giving a mood to the image..
Nice.. Really good bobblehead of King. Love this one.
... One of my fave authors, great tribute
Nice Work my friend. A Very entertaining piece.
36 years of suspense now revealed very well done to present him and the devil from Back looks more funny than scary Stephen looks so cool .... not a bit scared becoz all the devils were his characters of the Novel great job done love this article
Nice work. I've just hired the Shining on DVD.
His books scare me half to death. How on earth do you make the hair look so amazing. Congratulations on the gold.
Fabulous work, PSM. Congrats on the gold.

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