Osama Bin Laden Sleeping With the Fishes
Osama Bin Laden Sleeping With the Fishes
Osama Bin Laden Sleeping With the Fishes. Buried at sea and surrounded by virgin piranhas, I could not imagine a more glorious afterlife for one so obviously deserving. Please view full.. Member reactions:
For some reason I thought Osama would have been the one eating the Piranhas
hahaha, love the eye..this is how it all happened then....hahaha, good one jim...
The best I've seen yet,dam good job. Looks like a winner.
good job, he deserves this only all the best for throphy
Good work.It would be more realistic to add some bubbles coming out from the body wholes. just a thought. All the best.
Punishing laddin with the concept of fish, sounds interesting
Bronze CONGRATS, your (art)work was one of my favs
Thank you everyone. This was probably one of the most fun images I've chopped yet.
coolkat85 congrats...*love the blue lips
congrats for bronze... a work very fantastic
Congrats on the wood, Coolkat. One of the best chops in the pack for sure.and Bin Laden says "this is an interesting fish, it definitely caught my eye"
Top job on this one, wish you would enter more,congrats on the win.Love, MOM

Funny Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty
Model stock. Member reactions:
Glad you like it, thanks Berdulano, Ricky, Disasterman, Geri, Joan
Sleeping BEAUTY it is. Beautificent chop.
Woody congrats, Sunshin3. Such a pleasant and peaceful image.
4* stars are very honorable Carl, thank you.

Funny Barack Obama Sleeping at the Barber Shop

Barack Obama Sleeping at the Barber Shop
Not good to sleep in the barbershop.... Member reactions:
. He reminds me a mixture of an American Indian and Mr.T.I pity the prez.
very funny. By the way nice Composition.

Funny Barack Obama Sleeping in the White House

Barack Obama Sleeping in the White House
First of all thanks to zg-stock for this beautiful source.Those who like obama please remind, I personal like obama too. If any one hurt or feel bad about this entry. Please Excuse Me. I just did for Fun.All the Best to Every one. Member reactions:
Beautificent work, but I would edit the eyes. The way it is now, it looks like they are only partially closed and that he's looking down at something.
Ya, I see what you are talking about. Just Changed now. Is that Ok.Ooops Damage happened already
Looks awesome now.what damage are you talking about.
hahaha. I didn't Observed that his eyes are little bit open. ie. what u said. Today Morning i seen that but at the time I got some negative votes. so I am talking about votes .
Congrats on the wood, Krrish. You keep getting better and better in your technique and chops. Soon you will be Krrish v 2.0 = professional chopper Krrish.
Pretty well done Krrish.Congrats.
Hahahah. Newsy I hope so. Just practicing very hard than previous.
Evirio,Thank you very much my friend.
AWESOME. Hehehehehehe....Good job. I completely missed this contest...somehow

Funny Girl Sleeping at the Three Bears House

Girl Sleeping at the Three Bears House
. Member reactions:
Hahaha, I loved that fairy tale. Classic chop.
Excellent. I would like to see more contrast in the fur of the first bear from the left. Otherwise-- picture perfect.
Great chop. Deserved trophy. Congratulations.
That's really fit with the theme 'the sleeping beauty' I love too the bears watching her. Congrats on the cup..

Funny Barack Obama Sleeping and Sets Off Missile Attack

Barack Obama Sleeping and Sets Off Missile Attack
He decided to sleep on it.. Member reactions:
Mr Obama..Now time to trip to Pakisthan.

Funny Sleeping Jurors at O J Simpson Trial

Sleeping Jurors at O J Simpson Trial
. Member reactions:
oh boy. Hilarious.literally his "dream" came true.
I love the "Exhibit A' in the back ground
Congrats on the silver, Paul.As a bonus you get exhibit B - a bloody Ginsu knife.
Very funny chop.congrats on silver.
Thanks, Newsy. I already have two Ginsu knives...but not bloody. Thanks, Evirio...thanks Miss Sunshin3.
Hahahahahahah....LOVE it. Hilarious...How did I miss this.. :O

Funny Barack Obama Sleeping on the Phone

Barack Obama Sleeping on the Phone
. Member reactions:
Nicely done
Michelle has so wonderful things to tell...
Hahaha, somebody talks too much it made him fall asleep.

Funny Bus Driver Sleeping While Driving

Bus Driver Sleeping While Driving
Bus Driver. Member reactions:
sleepin when the bus is stopped, why not.try to give some mouvement to the backgroung, and it will be more dangerous
Thanks..for the suggestion..that is why it helps to suggest ideas so edits can be made..before it's too late..
Evirio... excellent suggestion.
great chop, and I love the edit with the background motion.

Funny Sleeping Air Traffic Controller

Sleeping Air Traffic Controller
. Member reactions:
One way to get fired. Good job, HoHouse.

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