Funny Barack Obama Arriving in Alaska by Dog Sled

Barack Obama Arriving in Alaska by Dog Sled
Obama started Instagramming this week. Here’s what he came up with.

Funny Penguin with a Sled in the Snow

Penguin with a Sled in the Snow
Persnickety Pernilla was a playful penguin. She often slid down the slippery Ice. Pernilla was in search of the ultimate rush. sources
Member reactions:
Very funny and sweet bear expression. I would increase the shadow under the feet
This is looking so sweet and I love their eyes
Awesome creativity .... even they deserve some sort of entertainment good thought
So cute,so well done.The penguin is absolutely precious.Wonderful chop
Supa cute and supa clean work. Could make a great illustration to a children's book.
It's a beauty, Pree.... So cute, could be a greeting card. Congrats
thanks pcrdds... splatshottt.. and Hits thanks maybe hallmark will call
This is so darn adorable, congrats on the win.
Gold Congrats pree … great stuff … love the angle of the head … is that a Flexible Flyer she's huggin'
The colors are amazing... the cool and warm tones complimenting. Simply outstanding.

Funny Jim Carrey and His Daughter on a Sled

Jim Carrey and His Daughter on a Sled

Funny Boy Snail Sledding

Boy Snail Sledding
Member reactions:
Amazing work, salute your idea hidden you are genius
This is very funny to see the kid is being carried off by the snail good one

Funny Barack Obama in Iditarod Sled Race

Barack Obama in Iditarod Sled Race
Member reactions:
So true; all talk-no action. Great work-funny.
Thanks, Ricky. Thanks, Disasterman. Thanks, geriatric. Thanks, Sunshin3.
Thanks, Goat. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, balodiya.
I agree with ericnorthend. Nice Dogs. Bwahahahahahahahaha. Excellent chop.
Thanks, ericnorthend. Thanks, careful they don't bite you. Thanks, Riccardo.
Congratulations. Another fine entry in the Gallery of Chuckles.
awesome work mate...well deserved medal.....
So lovely. Awesome job, congrats on the cup.
Gotta love the turtle (rabbit race) reference. Congrats on the bronze, Paul.

Funny Alaskan Hippy Sled

Alaskan Hippy Sled

Funny Polar Bears in a Car Sled

Polar Bears in a Car Sled
Member reactions:
Freaking hilarious and so cleanly chopped.
Congrats Salis Great choice of bears and inventiveness.
Congrats on the bronze Salis, great job..
I just loved this...great, great sense of humor and great chop.
Congrats Salis. Funny shop and as usual fantastic imagination. Love it.
Excellent choice. I'm about 90% done with a painting (wet media) using the same source for a background. Congrads on the cup, Salis
congrats Salis, great chop. The bear covering his eyes is so funny, nice touch.
thanx a lot everybody... and yeah the bear with the covered Eyes was a lucky source pic..
They raced and won the bronze. can also say that it's not rust, it's bronze. Congrats, Salis.
I'm glad they have "pic of the day" It was great to see this picture return. love it.
I'm glad they have "pic of the day" It was great to see this picture return. love it.

Funny Snail Sled Race

Snail Sled Race
Sleds help these guys to move alittle faster.
Member reactions:
, love the snail winter hat. Hilarious concept and nice work on the left board (Snail Sled Race)

Funny Hillary Clinton on a Sled

Hillary Clinton on a Sled
Member reactions:
Yeeehaaaw. This is what I hear her scream when I see this chop, .

Funny Kids & Sleds

Kids & Sleds
This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with photoshopping provided source images. Photoshop this kids and sleds image (CLICK HERE to download) any way you wish. Some examples are - giving these kids some new clothes or objects, putting the kids and sleds into some new environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Kriss Szkurlatowski and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

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