The Lizard Slayer
The Lizard Slayer
The Lizard Slayer. Source-----Please View Source
Member reactions:
Thank you FreakMaster..
Awesome chop... great work and super detailing
Congrats on the silver hobbit,this is a really good chop
Thanks a lot, to each of you, this contest was fun.
Thanks a lot, to each of you, this contest was fun.
Congrats hobbit. Great looking lizard slayer.

Funny Trump `The Evil Giant Slayer`.

Trump `The Evil Giant Slayer`.
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Funny Raining Blood at a Slayer Concert

Raining Blood at a Slayer Concert
For all the Slayer fans out there, I also thought of a bit of a different song than "The Weather Girls" when the contest was announced.
Member reactions:
Its a real blood bath good to see the droplets of water is turned to blood

Funny Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer
Member reactions:
.... this is something different nice background and good to see the dragon emitting the fire from its mouth very well done

Funny Little Girl Vampire Slayers

Little Girl Vampire Slayers
The innocent little girls are Vampire Slayers ..sorry just having some fun.
Member reactions:
Turn your back on the kids for a moment and they're killing Vampires.
the comments Funny idea

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger Dragon Slayer

Arnold Schwarzenegger Dragon Slayer
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Funny Zombie Slayer

Zombie Slayer
My personal tribute to Call of Duty zombie mode.
Member reactions:
I too hope she wins Rickytrek, she's my girl.
Thank you, Ricky. That's the most enthusiastic comment I've received yet.
Nice to see you back, coolkat. Wonderful chop

Funny Modern Day Dragon Slayer Car

Modern Day Dragon Slayer Car
Member reactions:
I like it but I would get rid of the solid black space on the bottom
Thanks Newsie for the advice. It's too late now I should have checked in sooner. Now that you mentioned it, it's so obvious, maybe I'll stick to the Apprentice Contest, there is still so much I need to learn.

Funny Harry Potter Monster Slayer

Harry Potter Monster Slayer
Member reactions:
Clean blending, One of the best works in the contest

Funny Zombie Slayer in Graveyard

Zombie Slayer in Graveyard
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