Woman Dragon Slayer
Woman Dragon Slayer
Woman Dragon Slayer. SOURCES
Member reactions:
Looks mighty good (love how you combined the sources). Penelope's face could be made a tad wider for closer resemblance

Funny Fluffy the Vampire Slayer

Fluffy the Vampire Slayer

Funny Obama the Dragon Slayer

Obama the Dragon Slayer

Funny Pterodactyl Slayer Knight

Pterodactyl Slayer Knight
Find ye three items that ye added to thy paintings. Ye pterodactyl is not oneth. See the best and largest version here _______________ Source art by Leighton and Moran.
Member reactions:
. A lot of work went into this one. This is fantastic.
Ye can't find thou items..Ye probably color blind...but I sure like thou chopeth..Looks grrrreat.
Brilliant work. I did found the three added parts too.
Thanks for the kind words and the great votes Ye three items where, thy cave, thy spear tip and thou dragon's head on thy capeth.

Funny Dragon Slayer Killing a Dinosaur

Dragon Slayer Killing a Dinosaur
Member reactions:
Quality work, but somehow the dinosaur's head blends too much with almost identical color stones.

Funny Buffy Slayer

Buffy Slayer

Funny Fat Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Fat Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Member reactions:
Oh, man... I think parts of her are still hot, but you made her pretty gross
She still looks hot to me, maybe even better.

Funny Olympic Vampire Slayers

Olympic Vampire Slayers
Member reactions:
YOU should have put a twilight mofo right there

Funny Buffy the Twilight Slayer

Buffy the Twilight Slayer
"Have you met my cousin Buffy." "Hmm."

Funny Vince Vaughn Dragon Slayer

Vince Vaughn Dragon Slayer
Member reactions:
I do not understand all these requests for source files can some one explain why it matters is there something I am missing here..... and the best way to post them Dragon: http://www.kyleanderson.com/images/black_dragon_by_Kyle_Anderson.jpg Body and sword: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_U-_MB3ct83I/S19upkCKVjI/AAAAAAAAE18/hRYZGEbIVSY/s320/clash_titals01.jpg Vince Vaughn http://www.contactmusic.com/pics/m/fred_clause2_041107/vince_vaughn_1648635.jpg
Thank you. Nice selection. I'll be glad to explain for you. Chops are judged by several criteria. *Source selection *Cut, Paste & Blending *Degree of alteration of source *Illustratitive efforts/Original art generation. *Composition *Subject matter *Color *Clarity *Vibrancy *Overall impact If in this chop for example, you had illustrated the dragon or taken several parts of other dragons and built your own, I would score accordingly. If you simply found a great source that some other artist created then you don't loose points but you don't gain any on originality efforts. I find it good policy to post sources where sources are unclear. Almost always they will score higher when I do as it really shows insight into the ammount of work involved and clears up any questions as to where someone elses art starts and where mine takes off. However I have a bit of a problem in that whenever I do post sources, people figure out who I am off the posting code I hope this helps clear up any, misgivings over the subject. Posting source is actually a good thing and helps other choppers to gean a bit of insight into your processes. We are all here to learn from each other. The overall appearance of this chop is excellent by the way
Doc... What am I doing explaining this to you for. You are a seasoned pro. You know this stuff as well as me... Ya lonely and just want to strike up a conversation or something... Jeeezeee hahahahahah
Guess I need help I don't know how to create links all I can do is list text to copy into a browser so I find this frustrating Seasoned pro. HA hats code for I'm the oldest dude in here right
Seasond pro means good Hhahahaha. Hey posting the links is really easy after Mac and Kellie drilled it into me. Dig it: Source So when you are finished it should look like this: Source The thing to remember is the quotation marks need to frame the beginning and end of the internet address. source Once you do it a few times it'll stick

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