Luke Skywalker Batting in a Baseball Game
Luke Skywalker Batting in a Baseball Game
Luke Skywalker Batting in a Baseball Game. Luke Skywalker Batter Up

Funny JFK Skywalker

JFK Skywalker
Member reactions:
well done. Did you paint layers over the original.
Thank you, Dunce. No I just chopped the head/faces and change the composition to match the original source. I used the enhance photo tool in corel paint shop pro.
You're welcome, that's pretty much how I could explain it. Not sure of the technical terms, I hope you understood what I said. I seen you use adobe.....take care....
Ya, I'm used to adobe stuff. Used it for work for many years. I have illustrator friends who swear by Corel Painter, I think I will give it a shot. Maybe as a process after photoshop. Maybe save up for a Wacom too and do it right.
I had a wacom...couldn't get the hang of it, but I may pick another one up. I also use Topaz filters,Alien Skin plug-ins too.
What a great merge, Excellent balance and really cool work
Great job, nicely executed, I can see the images of great leaders like Obama, Puttin and others behind, nice detailing used and clean job
Excellent Classic looks given Great Composition and very well done
Lots of work. and lots of known characters

Funny Harry Potter as Young Skywalker

Harry Potter  as Young  Skywalker

Funny Birth of Luke Skywalker

Birth of Luke Skywalker
Member reactions:
Clever concept but Luke needs an increase in layers.

Funny Luke Skywalker and the Astronaut

Luke Skywalker and the Astronaut
Member reactions:
Fair work. I would add shadows from Luke and robot onto astronaut, and increase the levels of robot and Luke.

Funny Skywalker ranch

Skywalker ranch
Member reactions:
Try giving your characters some shadows (look at the one coming from a tree out of shot to the right), to put them IN the scene.

Funny Luke Skywalker Jedi Pizza Delivery Boy

Luke Skywalker Jedi Pizza Delivery Boy
Attributions: Landspeeder- Scott on Flickr; Luke & Leia- Adam Rifkin- I cropped the picture and lost the white background; Pizza Box-Connie aka carbon33. Thank you all for the use of your works.

Funny Symmetric Luke Skywalker

Symmetric Luke Skywalker
Use it.
Member reactions:
If you have symmetric condition then use he forced symmetric condition to get rid of this

Funny Luke Skywalker Missing a Hand

Luke Skywalker Missing a Hand
The Taxman may give with one hand but, he is taking the other.

Funny Young Luke Skywalker

Young Luke Skywalker
Every boy should have a chewie while growing up.
Member reactions:
The idea has a merit but what's the dark black part in the top left corner. aprax

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