Queen Walking on a Rope Bridge in the Sky
Queen Walking on a Rope Bridge in the Sky
Queen Walking on a Rope Bridge in the Sky. queen of Eng
Member reactions:
Very Kewl Work. I used that jointed doll once in a chop myself.
Very nice job done here. If I may, some parts are a bit blurry, and the wing of the gul could be behind her arm. Otherwise, I like a lot.
Impressive job, great light effects...a dream
Congrats on the gold, Elegary. You are on a roll, sir.

Funny Faceless Man on a Floating Rock in the Sky

Faceless Man on a Floating Rock in the Sky
Member reactions:
Excellent creative work, hands shadow is awesome
L O V E every bit of of this work, even the small world you created in the bottle.
Great Gold oo0cns0oo., love the elephant island.
Cool avatar, sir.
Above and beyond. The bottle detail is a cool addition and would make a great chop on its own. Congrats on gold oo0cns0oo. Your username is wreaking havoc with my autospell...
Thank you.

Funny Bird Dog Lokking at the Sky

Bird Dog Lokking at the Sky
Member reactions:
I think I know what he's looking at and she's perched above him on a telephone wire. Definitely love at first sight.
A perfect body language and a perfect balanced work to match it well done

Funny Woman Driving an Open Air Car in the Sky

Woman Driving an Open  Air  Car in the Sky
Seat belts weren't standard equipment back when this photo was taken.
Member reactions:
I really like what you have done here Did you color the original.
The foreground pic was bw. The plane and background pics were color to start but I converted them to bw. Then added color tints to all.
Kewl. No seat-belts back then. But they already had Air-brakes.
Outstandingly cool LunaC, it gives one a sense of vertigo, huh. That is real pearls when you can pull that off. Nice retro vintage feel as well. Congrats, one of your best and certainly in my top Freaky Chop list.
Congrats on the gold, Luna. I love your vintage style chops.
Congrats on the Gold cup, to Freak Show. Very very well done, nice work.
Good stuff Luna....well deserved GOLD.....

Funny Peace and Love Dove in the Sky

Peace and Love Dove in the Sky
Member reactions:
Thank you very much I'm very glad you like it.
Awesome.... its very great to see the pigeon in this new funky avatar inviting peace with music good composition
Great job and perfect for this contest. Congrats
very good . So much symbols of peace in one picture .
Congratulations on a well deserved Gold Cup, Hid.
My first gold.. Thank you for making me so happy.

Funny Flying Dress in the Sky

Flying Dress in the Sky
"I believe I can fly...."
Member reactions:
Must be a ghost in that clothing, well done.
Well illuminated and peaceful sea horizon seen good one

Funny Boy Fishing From an Island in the Sky

Boy Fishing From an Island in the Sky
Member reactions:
Thanks Hobbit and Paul Thank you NewsMaster. Cool, took me a while but I finally noticed the new UN-resized image link you placed on the page.
If he catches that one he will need a bigger bucket for sure. And I don't think that an early congrats would be out of order here.
Thanks Gummy. As you know, the big ones are the hardest to catch.
I couldn't help but wonder why the big fish is not looking at the bait, or is the boy the bait. I bet 3 bucks the fish grabs his foot and pulls him off the rock. I haven't figured out what will happen from there.
When you have home in sky... you need to catches vegetables from ground.... sometimes you will get fish also Great imaginary chop and nice illustration
Every thing is possible and This boy is sky fisherman
Fantastic job Very well executed SEEMS LIKE HEAVEN..
Congrats on the gold, SS. Another stunning creation.
Thanks N-Master, Raj, Eric, Balo, Joan, Dnunciate, Geri and Paul for all the great comments. Gummy, I suppose if that fish pulled him off the rock....next would be a trip down the rabbit hole. Thanks Everyone
Congrats on the Gold, and I congratulate you for your victory, Mate. Very very well done. Amazing work and i like it.
Thank you very... much Hobbit. Much appreciated my friend Amadeus.

Funny When Two Neptunes Appear in the Sky

When Two Neptunes Appear in the Sky
“Aaah ... when two Neptunes appear in the sky it is a sure sign that a midget in glasses is being born, Harry...” ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Member reactions:
This is awesome way of passing liquids from one glass to other. Good job done

Funny Surreal Dancing in the Sky

Surreal Dancing in the Sky
Member reactions:
Out of the box, very nicely done with the frame and objests placement. I guess some finishing required in the outlines
Excellent dance show.... love the out of bounds job looks great
Congratulations Laff. Wonderful OOB Idea.
Thankyou all soooo much. I loved doing this one - but the blokes were a challenge. Small pic - and difficult to improve the quality. However... a happy result. ...

Funny Child Sky Diving and Losing His Money

Child Sky Diving and Losing His Money
Member reactions:
Yeah-it's always for the Kiddies. Throwing $$ at the problem has worked well so far-right. That's what the Politicians tell you. Hit the nail on the head with this concept. Good luck.
Exactly. That's why some of the worst performing school districts in the U.S. have the highest dollar-per-pupil cost. No, it's most certainly not for the children. It's for the wallets and comparatively obscene benefits of those who are supposed to be helping them. There's no better ploy to gouge the taxpayer than The Children.
Wao... Nice view from the top.... the baby crying face is amazing to the chop falling currency and the baby is crying for what.... Money or life . any guesses...
Dat baby is in deep doo doo or debt for the rest of his life. he is now his brothers keeper.like the dude with 14 girlfriends or wife's and 22 children on welfare, cost $7000. per month for taxpayers that are borrowing the money from thin air.he did this in his first 33 yrs of life and still had time for jail, welcome to the great society.
Thank you, HoHouse, for shedding light on one of my biggest pet peeves.

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