Skull Shaped Asteroid TB145
Skull Shaped Asteroid TB145
Skull Shaped Asteroid TB145 . Member reactions:
A superb rendition of the returning skull asteroid, Mano. Congrats on the Gold.

Funny Skull Has a Bright Idea

Skull Has a Bright Idea
Member reactions:
Thanks guys. Thanks guys thanks guys thanks guys

Funny Skull Girl Holding a Cat

Skull Girl Holding a Cat
Member reactions:
Quite spooky except for the lovely cat. Like the greenish black and white with the little touch of yellow and orange. Very effective.

Funny North Korea and China with Skulls

North Korea and China with Skulls
Devil's Friends Forever
Member reactions:
Congrats, Andrew. Love the skulls crossed eyes.

Funny Broken Robot with a Skull Head

Broken Robot with a Skull Head
Full View Plz..
Member reactions:
Gold congrats, Dr. Silvercuspid. Very nice job.
Great Imagination. Congratulations on the Win, SilverC.

Funny Kim Jong Un and Obama's Skull Collection

Kim Jong Un and Obama's Skull Collection

Funny Freaky Skull Bird

Freaky Skull Bird
Member reactions:
Freaky Bird has some equally freaky running mates Outstanding Unique.
Beautiful and Scary... like a baby with a gun.
Your imagination is ever-increasing and original to be sure. Congratulations.
Congrats on the silver Hitspinner,weird and funky,just like I like it
One heck of a imagination, congrats on the win.
Silver congrats, Tim. Bizarre, but great job.
This one tells a story about me. Thanks all
So Freaky Bird is part of the HitMan story. hahahah Gotta Silver Congrats on dat..
Wild flight of imagination. Congrats on the silver, Hits.
congrats on the silver Hitmaster. It's spooky and humorous all in one.

Funny Vampire Skull Digital Art

Vampire Skull Digital Art
just messing around
Member reactions:
You messed around quite well. I love how the skeleton head with fangs emerges out of the background.
Skull is very impressive, not background.

Funny Skulls Golfer at the Hell Hole

Skulls Golfer at the Hell Hole
Member reactions:
I don't get it either but it's a great chop.
Excellent work .... like the snail and the small skull on the ground The corpus with lighting coming out is amazing
Good job, But i don't know what is the link between all of this and that snail xD
Scary composition. Full of mistery and thrilling. I would add a broken glass to the cabin.
Awesome work, kinda spooking in a Satanic way too Congrats on the silver, silvercanine.
Stunning surrealism. Well done and congrats on the cup
A silver grats to go with the silver trophy
Congrats Silver, I like the fire and light effects

Funny Brunch With Skull Lady

Brunch With Skull Lady
Member reactions:
Maxfield Parrish on acid Bravo, wonderful image. would love to see your sources
very colorful and imaginitive and freaky.
Bravo on making the Parrish connection, Quartermoonshop. Very well done. Thank you Jeremix. It's freaky for the freakshow
Excellent work....I might not be able to sleep tonight
This is amazing Creative concept..Like it
I love her) clothes
Fantasy at the top. Something surreal...also disturbing. Me likes.
I want the address of your drug dealer. Seriously twisted excellent work
Thanks guys, this one might be a bit too out there, huh. You'll need a time machine Newsey. My drug dealer is back in 1968 hahahahahahaah
i am a little bit ashamed to finish ahead of this masterpiece, but i will overcome..

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