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Funny Skirt Pictures

Barney Frank in a SkirtFunny Barney Frank in a Skirt
Member reactions:
Barney shows how he greets the Queen
Ha ha ha so freaky work, what a wonderful idea, Appreciate your thought hidden..
I don't know who Barney is but he is a very funny chap.
huohuohiuohuohahahahehehihihi.... tooooo funny
Thank you all. I REALLY appreciate your support and laughter :0)

Woman in Fan SkirtFunny Woman in Fan Skirt
Member reactions:

Gonna be one H* of a Party. (I hope you made something for the backside.)

Greek Guard in Fan SkirtFunny Greek Guard in Fan Skirt
Member reactions:

shadow of rifle still apparent; (easily remediable) ... good Idea.
Very clever.. Maybe take the contrast down a little on the fan too.

Tiffany Lampshade SkirtFunny Tiffany Lampshade Skirt
Member reactions:

neat idea, a multi coloured shadow would make it superb
Needs a bit of shadow at the ankles to set it off. Also a belt of some sort to 'tie' it to the rest of the outfit.
When you need a bit more light down under...

Poodle SkirtFunny Poodle Skirt
Member reactions:

Dumbo in a SkirtFunny Dumbo in a Skirt
Member reactions:

"Love those old Circus Posters."

Brett Favre Looking up Cheerleaders SkirtFunny Brett Favre Looking up Cheerleaders Skirt
Member reactions:

Ring. Ring. It's Brett.

Dali Girl in Denim SkirtFunny Dali Girl in Denim Skirt
Member reactions:

Umbrella Skirt and Aluminum Foil ShirtFunny Umbrella Skirt and Aluminum Foil Shirt
Member reactions:

Very nice idea using umbrella for a skirt. I think it would look a bit more 'pulled together' if you were to blend the skirt to the blouse, or add a belt. The umbrella seems to just kind of 'float' there.

Flower SkirtFunny Flower Skirt
Member reactions:

Nice choice of color here. The skirt matches her lipstick. Adding the rose in her hand was a nice touch.

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