Robot Pulling Off His Skin
Robot Pulling Off His Skin
Robot Pulling Off His Skin.

Funny Snake Skin Western Boots

Snake Skin Western Boots
Pair of Snake Skin Western Boots
Member reactions:
This is it.... Awesome designer boot and brilliant concept
Excellent work on the texture. All the best.
This is the out of the box work Amazing creativity... The boots with snake heads is really a great idea fantastic chop
Silver congrats, Mundo.
Congrats on the silver, Mundo. Dangerous shoes
A freaking masterpiece, I say. and looks so real. Congrats on the silver snakes, Mundo.

Funny Clint Eastwood Questions Salvador Dali Without Skin

Clint Eastwood Questions Salvador Dali Without Skin
Clint Eastwood Questions Salvador Dali. Large Size View Link: Eastwood / Surreal
Member reactions:
Thanks Guys. D) Strange one this time.....Dali looks good though.....I'd say he appears very lean.
Its looks like the Clint is taking the interview of Muscular System Model But like the Mustache of Salvador
O boy.. you are offering Dali a Wax You reminded me a scene from movie "Hollow Man"
Made me laugh. And scared me a bit too, .

Funny Pig Skin Football

Pig Skin Football
So this is where footballs come from.
Member reactions:
No one is going to want to kick or throw that cute little pig. Looks great.
This is an excellent chop, Nicely blended with so real look
So Cute Excellent Thinking and very well executed

Funny Dog Skin Wall Hanging

Dog Skin Wall Hanging
Member reactions:
....I can't believe you went there Ya know santas watching.
Ditto What Tuco said.... Cracking up here
Nothing like a Dog Skin wall hanging to make your other dog do what its told...

Funny Skinned Rabbit

Skinned Rabbit
sources composed of dead bodies.
Member reactions:
looks like he has already been skinned and is ready for a frying pan. mmmmm.

Funny Christina Aguilera with a Skin Problem

Christina Aguilera with a Skin Problem
Member reactions:
Nicely done. She should have used SPF 40

Funny Jumping Skinned Rabbit

Jumping Skinned Rabbit
Pre-historic rabbit. Obviously more lizard like and therefore almost no fur. (Yet)
Member reactions:
cool work tarkus .. remind me of some cartoon
Rather twisted but way cool. It's a rabbit from some prehistoric nightmares I would say

Funny Skinned George Bush

Skinned George Bush
Member reactions:
soo good pix ,,, ....

Funny Obama Skin Mask

Obama Skin Mask

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