Donald Trump's Older Sister
Donald Trump's Older Sister
Donald Trump's Older Sister. Trump's older sister speaks
Member reactions:
Methinks she looks better as a woman than a man now.

Funny The Singing Hillary Clinton Sisters

The Singing Hillary Clinton Sisters

Funny Obama's Twin Sisters

Obama's Twin Sisters
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Somehow this makes me think of the twins from "Shining"... Redrum, Redrum

Funny Sisters Out for the Night Digital Art

Sisters Out for the Night Digital Art
I found two pictures of woman who looked like they could be sisters so I decided to do them and call my work 'sisters'. Mixed media
Member reactions:
Don't you really mean you found this picture of the Olsen Twins and painted over it.

Funny Oprah Buys Her Sister A House

Oprah Buys Her Sister A House
Oprah Winfrey buys her sister a house.
Member reactions:
That gift ribbon is very appropriate... probably comes from Walmart too, .
No newsy her red dress made from the remains of that ribbon
Great chop. Isuppose out of the 6 billion dollars she is apparently worth 490K may be hardly missed. She has proper priorities. Well done chop... twofer...

Funny Girl Waiting With Her Sister in the Snow

Girl Waiting With Her Sister in the Snow
Member reactions:
Left icicles should be vertical and more shadow under the girl, otherwise perfect.
Thanks Silvecanine, Garrobmil good tips, hope is better now.
this is beautiful work but i couldn't help but wanna know what the original painting was. what was it.
Fabulous Remastered Bouguereau. You may still be a "hidden author" at this stage but your style is instantly recognizable, KPM.
Thank you Fitim, Moyathegreat just how the title said the painting is Elder sister Many thanks Geriatric, Hobbit, Romke
Beauty is in a perfect way described by the picture sweet choice of source and interesting work cool details I likely
I appreciate your comment Eric, thank you so much.
Marvelous.... Great to see a Mother nursing her child and making her comfort under the warmth love Very good work on the snow freezing scene on the top of beam
Thanks a lot Rajeshstar, D-man.
Congratulations. I've featured your entry on Bouguereau Remastered: Permalink: Hope you like it.
Thank you so much for congrats Blackx, Geriatric, Silvercanine, Pcr, Romke many thanks for feature, your site is awesome
Many thanks Dembocscki

Funny Girl Dangling Her Sister Off a Cliff

Girl Dangling Her Sister Off a Cliff
Thanx to morgue free files for the teddy bear
Member reactions:
The placement of the legs in the older girl looks very natural, her arm holding the younger girl looks quite natural, and her grip on the teddy bear looks good. The bending of her neck and her gaze at the younger girl is also well done. Good work.

Funny What My Sister Thinks of my Singing

What My Sister Thinks of my Singing
Member reactions:
Ha ha ha look at her face a perfect expression

Funny Singing Sister Portrait Picture

Singing Sister Portrait Picture
This is my first art portrait derived from a photo. I followed a tutorial by Steve Caplin in the book 'Art & Design in Photoshop. The tutorial was on doing a Henri Matisse portrait but the singing sister's mouth didn't look right in the portrait so I closed her mouth, opened her eyes, and painted away the arm on her shoulder. One of the Photoshop filters didn't look right on this particular face, so I improvised and used Posterize instead. I did stick to using the 'Matisse' style of colours used though because I like his colours. A mistake that I know I made was I didn't raise up her jaw so that her face maintained its original shape--it's off a bit, but I have to do something else now, unfortunately, I love playing with Photoshop.
Member reactions:
Good you have tried... your chops looks pretty good job done... Keep posting more.
I like the way you done with her mouth its good and interesting colors..
Very nicely done JoanMcKay. In fact I rated this job with 9, and I was hopefully to watch it on the top 3. Congrats by your effort and nice technique. I think this is what all we want here in FN, new techniques and people dedicated in show how to do. Keep on

Funny Sisters Doing Their Own Dental Work

Sisters Doing Their Own Dental Work
Member reactions:
This job was my favourite to win this contest. Anyway, congrats bigdbud

Funny Walking Sisters

Walking Sisters
Photoshop this image of a walking sisters any way you wish. Some examples are: re-dressing these walking sisters, making this sister trio perform some stunts, using this walking sisters image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. This is an Apprentice Contest. You are eligible to enter this contest if you have less than 5 golden trophies at Freaking News. You have 7 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Ed Yordon for providing the source photo.

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