Don't worry Bro, we don't sink!
Don't worry Bro, we don't sink!
Don't worry Bro, we don't sink!.

Funny Big Ben Sinking

Big Ben Sinking
Member reactions:
Congrads on the cup. right up there, good job
Grats andwhat, I came close to doing a partial submersion myself. Nice job.
Thanks hobbit,rajeshstar,Ho,gummy,,dd,Wanderer and Bob

Funny The Sink Hole of Liberty

The Sink Hole of Liberty

Funny Noah's Sinking Ship

Noah's Sinking Ship
Ark Overboard
Member reactions:
Even the Arc of the Covenant . Hope I spelled that right. Looks like a full boat
Excellent chop. A prize for the giraffe's expression.

Funny Obama Care Sinking Fast

Obama Care Sinking Fast
Sinking Ship So Barry dropped the ball a couple times, But it's OK,,, He said he was sorry. Don't worry Kathleen Sebelius is sure to do her usual fine job of saving the sinking ship. And just in case there are any problems, you do remember all those bullets that Big Sis has stockpiled. And don't forget, It's all designed to reduce the deficit with all the money pouring in from the fines (errr, I mean Tax).
Member reactions:
Awesome political satire. I could totally see it in a magazine.
Just as good as the last time I saw it. Nicely done indeed. Congrats
congratulations on the silver Gummy ...

Funny Titanic Sinking in Monet Painting

Titanic Sinking in Monet Painting
Member reactions:
Excellent.....color combination and concept is nice

Funny Giving a Baby Elephant a Bath in the Sink

Giving a Baby Elephant a Bath in the Sink
Member reactions:
Very cute. Wish the elephant was higher resolution to match the rest of the pic.
Pcrdds, you use what you got. It was such a perfect image, I had to use it.
So Cute Very much active smart work done..
It was my favorite in the contest. Awesome job IcyAllEyeCan.
Another one that tugs at your heart strings. Excellent composition. Yeah, Icy, we all have been there. That's why that Topaz package is so valuable. It has some remarkable filters that average out the pixilation to give it a uniform texture and grain. But it takes courage to toss out $500.00 for a luxury like that
Hits, if I'd had time I could have fixed it in Photoshop, too. But I only started this chop with three hours until submission. And factor in an Internet outage, where I lost an hour, I was hurting just to finish. I may actually go back and fix this one for my personal archives. I like it, loved the source picture a lot. Thanks.

Funny Bo and Obama in a Sinking Boat

Bo and Obama in a Sinking Boat
Member reactions:
Great skill of PS here, nice chop with story kind of pic I like it

Funny Sinking Washington Monument

Sinking Washington Monument
Scientists Look for Signs of Monument Sinking
Member reactions:
Wonderful composition, with excellent shadow & light … great depiction of the source … fantastic. There is one curious black line near the top of Orion's Belt.
Thanks folks and you too moon. It was left overs from the Titanic.
Perfect stars and the view, lovely color at night scene, Love it
Excellent work of the sinking monument in the water... it looks like as if the world is coming to end due to global warming nice effects of sky and the icebergs behind well done

Funny Manet Painting of Concordia Sinking

Manet Painting of Concordia Sinking
First ever submission.
Member reactions:
Concordia sinking.. nice concept entered here, good job and welcome to freaking news..

Funny Sinking Ground

Sinking Ground
Our thirst for drinking water is causing severe subsidence in many areas around the world, putting them at risk of flooding. But some communities are trying to solve the problem. From Miami to Jakarta, coastal communities around the world are battling the effects of sea level rise. But in some places, the problem is exacerbated by another phenomenon: the land is falling. The Indonesian capital, for example, is sinking up to 17cm (6.7 inches) per year. “That’s an issue, because they’re right at sea level,” says Michelle Sneed, a land subsidence specialist at the US Geological Survey (USGS). “They have this added pressure of increased flooding and sea level rise. They built seawalls. But the city is subsiding so quickly that, at high tides, water just pours over.” Create images of land that has sunk! Show the effects of flooding due to the sea level rising! PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on this story Visit This Link

Funny New Orleans Sinking?

New Orleans Sinking?
With the recent "hurricane season" warnings from the government, already sinking New Orleans faces another danger of flooding. In this contest you are asked to show how New Orleans adjusts to "underwater life" by chopping everyday (or rare) situations happening underwater.

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