Street singer
Street singer
Street singer.

Funny Church singers

Church singers

Funny Hannah Waddingham Septa Singer

Hannah Waddingham Septa   Singer
Member reactions:
Nice idea, but the way the body is lit, there should not be those shadows on her face (can you flip her original face (should fix it).

Funny John Singer Sargent

John Singer Sargent
Member reactions:
Congrats. Is it just me or is the lens reflection over the frame too. 😳
pro job using the source to mask the glasses, one of the very few that did.

Funny The Singer Jeff Bridges

The Singer Jeff Bridges
Member reactions:
Creative and artistic depiction of Bridges here, Marian.

Funny Pretty in Pink Aussie Singer Jessica Simpson

Pretty in Pink Aussie Singer Jessica Simpson
I had a photo/video shoot on the weekend with an upcoming Aussie singer Jessica Simpson, this is an image created from her make up session.. A lot of filter work.....
Member reactions:
Your brush work is beautiful. I love everything that you have submitted.
Thank you everyone, And special thanks to you Joan...Your comments are well appreciated...

Funny Mona Lisa the Folk Singer

Mona Lisa the Folk Singer
Gioconda folk singer. In a summer evening a song we send away...
Member reactions:
Your entry is very good and I also love the song, 'Blowing in the Wind.'
Congrats on the Bronze. Nice chop, guitar is upside down and the blend of the Gioconda painting and the landscape photo needed 10 more minutes. The mountains look transparent.
Congratulations on the bronze, lucido. I love how you dressed Mona and how you "extend" the painting background. Hitspinner rightly pointed at some things that could be improved. Overall, a great job.

Funny Jay Carney Singer of Sad Songs

Jay Carney Singer of Sad Songs
Member reactions:
This is excellent both for blending and expression. What a pity music is missing.

Funny Folk Singer Pete Seeger with a Banjo

Folk Singer Pete Seeger with a Banjo
Member reactions:
Great tribute, and I would consider adding some notes in the motion blur
Thanks, everyone. If you would have made this comment last night, Newsy...I would have done that. Great idea.
Congrats, Paul. Always great quality pictures from you. Thank you.
Looks awesome to me.. I think the backgrou d rocks too... Congrats on Woody PC..
Woody Congrats Doc Paul You made him look a little like a teapot short&stout I like the change you made to the motion trails

Funny Spartan Rock Singer

Spartan Rock Singer
Member reactions:
I commented earlier, can't see if it went through. Beautiful job...

Funny Singer

Which politician and celebrity would you like to see singing together with famous bands and artists? Use your imagination to create a dream singer celebrity duet or a dream band.

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