Barack Obama and Hillary in the Sims
Barack Obama and Hillary in the Sims
Barack Obama and Hillary in the Sims. Member reactions:

Funny The Sims Job Advert

The Sims Job Advert
Must be viewed full.
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That is the most incredible list I have ever seen. "Reverse Engineering Party Scores" "Baking Bread for Toasters" .... the chop is fine, but the list is so, so........HUH..
I guess you have to be a huge Sims fan to understand this chop. Bella Goth is one of the original premade Sims already living in Sim City, she also has an epic storyline. Bloo Bagoo means "Hey, what's up" in Simlish which is the language spoken by Sims. Simoleons is Sim money. The skills listed are all skills attained by Sims in the game. And the job duties are captions that show while the game is loading. I took the captions from different versions and expansions of the game. It took awhile to compile them all and choose which ones were the funniest. If I had used them all, the chop would be about five times bigger. My favorite is 'Unfolding Foldy Chairs'.
I love the sims and i did get that list.. it was a bit much in my opinion. You should have "boiled" it down a bit more. Less can be more you know. Good chop tho. I remember one of my first times playing the Sims i married Bella but the whole family burned in a fire and she eventually died from grief. I realized then that the sims was a very very different game then the rest of the sim games
The length of the list is where the satire lies. Most people like to try and kill their Sims, I figured a job with this many duties would be a good way to do that. Without the long list of duties, there would be no satire.
I only saw others play Sims (my ex gf), but I did get a chuckle out of this chop.
, yeah jman, if you play the Goth family enough, you will find that Bella gets everyone killed eventually. She is bad luck for anyone around her. I still load my Sims up occasionally, I have a Sims family that is 12 generations in now in Sims 2. I guess you could say that I was obsessed with it when the first one came out. I did a lot of mods for the game as well. Sims 3 just came out but I don't have it yet. Maybe this chop will get popular in the Sims realm someday. thanks everyone

Funny The Sims Modern Warfare Game

The Sims Modern Warfare Game

Funny the Sims Retirement Village

the Sims Retirement Village
Dust of the Grammerphone, Chuck on some Sinatra, Slide into your Slippers.... Its time to play "Sims Retirement Village" SOURCES

Funny Woman Playing Sims on the PlayStation 3 Painting

Woman Playing Sims on the PlayStation 3 Painting
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i like this.. nice attention on color reflection.

Funny Sims

Sims Romance Version

Funny Sims Nursing Home

Sims Nursing Home
In an effort to increase their demographics Xbox introduces a new game for seniors.
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You just they WILL come out with one of these games...what a laugh.
Your illustration seems to lack integration. Too much a look of cut and paste.

Funny Tom Sims Snowbaording to God

Tom Sims Snowbaording to God
Tom Sims, Pioneer in Sport of Snowboarding, Dies at 61
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Nice way you showed him going to paradise good chop... nice catch
I was thinking the same thing rajeshstar. Nice work.
Look at his paint teared up from the Point

Funny City Molly Sims Eye Mouth

City Molly Sims Eye Mouth

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