Bart Simpson by Magritte
Bart Simpson by Magritte
Bart Simpson by Magritte.

Funny O.J. Simpson in Retro Glove Advert

O.J. Simpson in Retro Glove Advert

Funny The Simpsons in Star Wars

The Simpsons in Star Wars
I based this on an image that graced the cover of Star Wars Insider many years ago. here I noticed a few things that I though could use some improvement/correcting.. not limited to but including putting Bart in the correct costume for the environment. And adding in the Emperor behind them. Obviously it HAD to be Mr. Burns. All characters are assembled from dozens of sources. I'll try to do a Work in progress animation later to show all the bits and pieces. I did build homer's head a while back, but never incorporated him into anything. Seemed like the perfect piece to use here. Please view full to see all the details. I made a making of Work in Progress here And leave a comment let me know what you think. Thanks.
Member reactions:
pretty cool. mr Burns fits perfectly to the part. maybe it would look better with some degraining.
Oh boy, this is bloody brilliant. Great job bringing to life Star Wars Insider cover.
the grain was a stylistic choice. I find it ties the room together.
. A lot of work went into this. You did a great job.
Impressive build from your reference. Nice Homer's mask too. Personally, I would have given Homer's eye area more the look of a dark reflective sunshade lens. I am a huge fan of textures to bring the elements together. But in this case I have to agree with Jere. In the large view the grain is just a bit too heavy. One super image, None the less.
Very well done, though I hv seen homers head used by u at w1k
Yup, used that as the starting point, modified the neck , angle and lighting to incorporate into the new image.
I made a making of Work in Progress here
Congratulations on the win, HOAT. Thanks. I enjoyed the WIP.
Congrats on the Gold, HOAT. Appreicate the wip, tons of awesome work.
Congrats on the gold, HOAT. Love the WIP.

Funny Homer Simpson as the Dark Knight

Homer Simpson as the Dark Knight
Member reactions:
Homer and Betty make sense, not the others.

Funny Homer Simpson the Exorcist

Homer Simpson the Exorcist
Member reactions:
You came up with some good ones this contest.

Funny Homer Simpson as Rambo

Homer Simpson as Rambo

Funny Homer Simpson in Jaws

Homer Simpson in Jaws

Funny One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest with Homer Simpson

One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest with Homer Simpson
the movie that made him who he is....

Funny Homer Simpson as Dirty Harry

Homer Simpson as Dirty Harry
Member reactions:
Cool beans

Funny Pretty in Pink Aussie Singer Jessica Simpson

Pretty in Pink Aussie Singer Jessica Simpson
I had a photo/video shoot on the weekend with an upcoming Aussie singer Jessica Simpson, this is an image created from her make up session.. A lot of filter work.....
Member reactions:
Your brush work is beautiful. I love everything that you have submitted.
Thank you everyone, And special thanks to you Joan...Your comments are well appreciated...

Funny The Simpsons Movies

The Simpsons Movies
Creator of "The Simpsons" Sam Simon is dying of pancreatic cancer. In his last months of life, he's spending all his vast fortune on animals rights and feeding the hungry. To support Sam Simon in his last months and show gratitude for the creation of the show, photoshop The Simpsons characters in any other movies.

Funny OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson
Police arrested OJ Simpson on Sunday, saying that he was one of the armed robbers who broke into Las Vegas hotel room, and took memorabilia describing his own sports career. A 60 year old Simpson said it was no robbery, the group was not armed, and they only entered the room to take the items that belonged to OJ, including Hall of Fame certificate and some photos. The judge ordered Simpson to be held without a bail. If convicted, OJ faces up to 60 years in prison on the two counts of armed robbery. More than a decade ago Simpson was acquitted of the slayings of his ex-wife and a friend. He was not convicted, and years later wrote a famous book "If I Did It." Photoshop anything connected to a recent OJ Simpson arrest. Examples may show OJ's future (e.g. in prison, behind the bars), his next book, arrest evidence and documents, OJ Simpson on a cover of a magazine, etc. You are welcome to use this wonderful OJ Simpson mugshot, taken this Sunday, as a source image.

Funny The Bourne Ultimatum, Simpsons, and Underdog

The Bourne Ultimatum, Simpsons, and Underdog
This weekend's box office winner is "The Bourne Ultimatum" by Universal followed by the two movies by Disney - "The Simpsons", and "Underdog". It's interesting the "The Bourne Ultimatum" earned twice more than its first installment "The Bourne Identity" on its opening day, and still more then the second film "The Bourne Supremacy". However the shooting costs for the successful third "Bourne" were much higher too, reaching 110 million. Merge either of the movies "The Bourne Ultimatum", "Underdog", and "The Simpson" via movie stills or posters. Combining all three movies into one is also welcome. Let's also see what movie titles may be written for these three merged movies.

Funny The Simpsons

The Simpsons
Long anticipated "The Simpsons Movie" is opening this Friday. Simpsons sitcom fans are expected to be storming the theaters this weekend, but movie critics have been less than favorable in their reviews of the film and say the big-screen debut that comes after 18 TV seasons makes little sense. Yet, the movie is full of good Simpsons humor and will likely to be a boxoffice winner, despite cold critics reviews. Photoshop Simpsons characters any way you wish. Some examples may include merging The Simpsons and some other movie, showing them in real life situations, magazines, old paintings, or designing the new Simpsons merchandise. Please make emphasis on quality and put a reasonable amount of photoshop work in your entries, rather than simple copy and past job.

Funny The Simpsons in Real Life

The Simpsons in Real Life
Show what The Simpsons cartoon characters will do in real life, if they quit the cartoon show.

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