Mercedes Benz Vision EQ Silver Arrow
Mercedes Benz Vision EQ Silver Arrow
Mercedes Benz Vision EQ Silver Arrow. Source
Member reactions:
Gotta be a lot of cylinders under that hood.

Funny Man Hiding From a Warewolf with a Gun and a Silver Bullet

Man Hiding From a Warewolf with a Gun and a Silver Bullet
Member reactions:
Nice chopping. The Werewolf integrates into the scene very well. I would love to see a larger size. *~~*
Fantastic mix of images and the Final one is Fantabolus great chop... nice mood created and the Ware Wolf is amazing and Scary into the Scene
Thank you so much, guys. You're great. Thanks rajeshstar for your generous words.
Awesome scene, perfect thrilling movie scene
Well done. has this spooky theme too - would be perfect for Halloween.

Funny Strange Women Dressed in Silver

Strange Women Dressed in Silver
Just another typical day downtown.
Member reactions:
Nice to see those costumes, were well done good choice of dress

Funny King Albert Einstein with Silver Pi

King Albert Einstein with Silver Pi
Member reactions:
Magnificent work with the sources to add sPIce to this composition.
Very very good, My favorite one, Excellent work. Good Luck.
Congrats . Sorry I didn't vote in this contest as i was in cricket tournament.
Congrats on the silver, Salis. Silver pie for ya.

Funny Silver Surfer Stitch

Silver Surfer Stitch
I wanted to try my hand at chroming. Here's a Work in Progress What'd ya think. Please view full
Member reactions:
Gran trabajo en la reflexion. Muy buen trabajo, felicidades.
Impressive work. Thanks for posting the WIP.
The board makes this chop. The animation was cool.
Me extraña ver este trabajo en el 4to. lugar, yo lo daba por ganador. Esto merecia más. Realmente estoy asombrado. En todo caso le felicito por el buen trabajo.
Congrats on the woody... Excellent work...
Hard stuff to get righ that shiny stuff Way better than I could do so my hat is off...
Congratulations on the wood, Hackofalltrades. Great to see you back.
Very cool work Hackofalltrades, congrats.

Funny Ron Silver Surfer

Ron Silver Surfer
Actor Ron Silver dies in NYC at age 62 of cancer
Member reactions:
Glad to see an entry on him. This is nice.

Funny Quick Silver Man

Quick Silver Man
Adapted the following tutorial:
Member reactions:
You've done a good job here, small suggestion for future consideration, maybe use another source than the guy in the tutorial just to give it your own personal stamp on it

Funny Steelers Silver Football

Steelers Silver Football
Member reactions:
Looks real clean. Thanks for posting the sources.

Funny Silver Shrek

Silver Shrek
If the Silver Surfer and Shreck were one in the same.
Member reactions:
Thought I'd seen this done before. Gr8 minds eh
, That one was much better, Kellie. Honestly never saw it before. I said "gr8" minds, it happens more than u'd think & I like this
Excellent, should have placed higher. Another goody from peg.

Funny Gold Silver Bronze Elephants

Gold Silver Bronze Elephants
This took longer than it looks, and It didn't turn out how I planned. Suggestions.
Member reactions:
I think you did well, maybe add some sparkle to the gold & burn the shadows a bit to add more depth, around the silver elephant there seems to be a "fog", can you mask that away.
The edit does make a difference don't you think. TY for the mail
Like the composition. I'd make the bronze elephant a bit more bronze color (would add some red) Jer.
First time at doing anything gold, silver, or bronze. wasn't sure what to do to it.

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