Silly British Traditions
Silly British Traditions
Silly British Traditions . Member reactions:
Agree, legs are very nicely done. Priceless expression on Cam.
yeah...great job on matching up the legs..I like it
Heheheheheh goofy. it'll probably go viral

Funny Queen Clooney is So Silly

Queen Clooney is So Silly

Funny 400 meters silly race

400 meters silly race
Member reactions:
The Olympics need this event. I'd watch it.

Funny Barack Obama The Silly Boss

Barack Obama The Silly Boss
Member reactions:
. This is quite funny . Nice one Doc. Silver for your mantle
Thanks, Elegary, Newsy, luciano and Andrew.
Congrats on the silver. Seeing as he is so multi-talented it's evident why he deserves to be leader of the free world.

Funny Silly Boys Bellydancing

Silly Boys Bellydancing
"I didn't know." "Bro, it's cool." "Wanna go to a movie instead." "Yeah, but let's ditch these silly costumes first."
Member reactions:
I would love to see them dancing, my fav Belly dance
Great chop. Great dialogue written for it
Hahaha really good integration and funny too.

Funny Obama and Clinton's in Silly Hats

Obama and Clinton's in Silly Hats
Member reactions:
Both Clintons are a hoot (check the bird doodoo on Hillary's hair). But I laughed at Obama's egg in the ear most.
Thanks, Newsy. Glad I could give you some hoots today.
Great Job. Funny as always. Congrads pcrdds
Congrats, Paul. You win a silver egg signed by Obama.
Thanks, Newsy. Can you make an omelet with a silver egg or do you just get "change" when you break it open.
You can get both. Judging by the current inflation rates, you can exchange a silver egg for some change and buy an omelet for this change.
Newsy. Bwahahahah.

Funny Barack Obama Silly Ass

Barack Obama Silly Ass
Member reactions:
, excellent. I love the blending here - even the fur getting over the collar was done delicately

Funny Silly Walks by Magritte

Silly Walks by Magritte
Member reactions:
Another chop that is pure cleverness. I do like a lot.

Funny People Doing Silly Walk

People Doing Silly Walk
Member reactions:
Totally hilarious. The dog in front is a true hoot. What a parade of walk styles. The guy on the left (John Cleese.) is a tad blurry
Bronze congrats, azwoodbox, and extra congratulations on your first trophy.

Funny Silly Barack Obama

Silly Barack Obama
His soon to be phrase.Please view full.

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