Canadian silhouette
Canadian silhouette
Canadian silhouette. Member reactions:
Those mountains in the background don't look Canadian. They look more Arizonan.

Funny Silhouettes on a Boat at Sunset

Silhouettes on a Boat at Sunset
A beautiful day on the water. Digital Art.
Member reactions:
Very nice, with one exception: the tree tops lower left. Since we are looking at just over water level, the trees should be a lot bigger, with the trunk area visible where you have their tops.

Funny Pteranodon Silhouette in the Night Sky by Magritte

Pteranodon Silhouette in the Night Sky by Magritte
From "the kiss" by Magritte

Funny Silhouette Tree Man

Silhouette Tree Man
Member reactions:
Good merge, like the way you put together hidden.
Impressive how you did the face with the tree branches

Funny Barack Obama Silhouette

Barack Obama Silhouette
Member reactions:
AMEN.....The BIG EARS gives him away.
ummm... is it... hmm, I can't even come up with a guess for this one.
oh wait, I think it's Britney Spears from back when she shaved her head.

Funny Guitar Player Silhouette on Stage

Guitar Player Silhouette on Stage
Member reactions:
Nice job. It's been awhile, since I seen any silhouette art
Clever composition. Congrats on the wood too, MOD.
Congrats on wood MOD.

Funny Girl Silhouette

Girl Silhouette
Member reactions:
This looks the same as the source photo "Lady in the sky" on Google Search.
As the 'Freak Show' is a contest which allows members to submit works which may not be recent creations, it is possible that the entrant is the rightful owner of the work in question. Although it is identical to the "Lady in the sky" version indexed on Google images, it is best to give the entrant the benefit of the doubt and allow them to respond to any inquiries to their work.
Explaining: This is one of my jobs, that I called "Lady in the Sky", and was a job that I sended to site "Baixaki". To this contest, I choose the title "Watched", because my original concept was made a female shadow watched by the sky, but if the rules don't allows to change the title, the FN's managers are authorized in use the original title. So "Lady in the Sky" and "Watched" is the same job, and is just one of my creations that I made a long time ago, and choose change the title to this contest. But at the same time, I had to say that I'm really happy for know that in this site all we have the respect for the copyrights, (especially when the owner is me) Thank you Cooper and Disasterman111.
oould someone explain me why MY OWN job is out of this contest. I am THE OWNER if this image....
So I tell: there are something wrong. During the votation this image was OUT of the contest, and in my monitor was just 38 images in the competition...and now, finished the votation, my monitor shows "40 pictures" in the contest. I don't know "who" or "why" it happens, but is very strange a situation like that. I think the managers needs to have atemption to the votes.
Ok, now is all clean. The managers inform that was a kind of "bug", and it make this job stay getting off of the contest. Well...I think they was just try to protect my own copyright, and this is very good. Even "Watched" (OR "lADY IN THE SKY" as fouded in Google images) don't have a great votation, I had to thank the FN managers, 'because this is an evidence that this site respect copyrights. Thank you managers.

Funny Ninja Turtle Silhouettes

Ninja Turtle Silhouettes
Member reactions:
nice idea and gread visual effect/impact, i just would like more similarity about Bin Laden's head... maybe a beard; but as i said gread visual impact

Funny Silhouette Peeing

Silhouette Peeing

Funny Hot Roding Silhouettes

Hot Roding Silhouettes

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