Dali Highway Sign Design
Dali Highway Sign Design
Dali Highway Sign Design .

Funny Van Gogh Book Signing

Van Gogh Book Signing
Member reactions:
, the pencil ear is hilarious, and sunflower with shadow the perfect accent. Also a spectacular background. Deserves a cup too.

Funny You Signed Away My Life!

You Signed Away My Life!

Funny Secret Hand Signs ?...

Secret Hand Signs ?...
What is their plan....

Funny Smokey Bear Sign

Smokey Bear Sign
Member reactions:
Trump's take on public land very interesting.

Funny Warning Signs

Warning Signs
Warning Signs
Member reactions:
Clinton didn't make it to the White House the Orange Idiot did....
Oh my another clinton lie. He who is without sin, throw the first stone. What is ... ual offensive to whom, man or God Proud to be American,voted right.
I was talking about the ... offender BILL Clinton. how soon they forget,
What we have now doesn't even compare to any past President... not even Clinton, or Nixon.. Trump has made Clinton look like Mother Teresa....

Funny New Celtic FC signing

New Celtic FC signing
Member reactions:
Is that "her" hairy leg in the lower right..
Yes it is "ones" hairy knee. She never shaves legs before a game in the winter

Funny McDonald's Pi Sign

McDonald's Pi Sign

Funny Raccoon Holding a Pi Sign at Night

Raccoon Holding a Pi Sign at Night
Member reactions:
Cute Source

Funny Old Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Throwing Pi Signs

Old Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Throwing Pi Signs

Funny Halloween Traffic Signs

Halloween Traffic Signs
Since it's almost Halloween time, have you ever wondered what if we could change all traffic signs just for Halloween? Imposing speed limits for different flying creatures, and warning of the dangers ahead, such signs could certainly make Halloween safer, and more organized :) Photoshop any existing traffic signs into Halloween/ Horror traffic signs, or design some new traffic signs with a Halloween / Horror theme. Many thanks to thekillerbee for the themepost.

Funny New Traffic Signs

New Traffic Signs
Traffic signs around the world follow international protocols first developed by the Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals in 1968. This multilateral treaty was designed to increase road safety, especially for drivers, who travel across countries. Create images of unusual traffic signs or roadside signs that cities around the world might display. Many thanks to JannaR for the themepost.

Funny Military Traffic Signs

Military Traffic Signs
The situation in Ukraine keeps getting worse. Putin got the authorization from Russia's parliament to deploy Russian troops into Ukraine, to "protect its interest in Crimea and protect the Russian population there". While, formally, no Russian troops have been deployed in Crimea yet, Russia used its troops stationed at the Black Sea Fleet base to gain total control of the Crimean Peninsula. The local Ukrainian troops defected, joined Russian forces, and pledged to the Crimean authorities who demand independence of the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine. Russian military units are freely moving on the roads of Crimea with noone to stop them. Do they have to follow the traffic rules too? Photoshop traffic/road signs designed for military units (for infantry, navy, or air force). The signs can warn of the dangers ahead, show info, or show some restrictions and rules for military units to follow. You are welcome to show your signs at some scenery or just on their own. ( Image credit: L’Agence France-Presse )

Funny Crock Signs

Crock Signs
Last month, over 15,000 crocodiles escaped a crock farm in Johannesburg, South Africa. While over a half crocks have been captured, nearly 7,000 are still on the lose and made it quite far from the farm, appearing at private residences, school playgrounds, and even Johannesburg famous rugby field where they caused panic before a game. The police are trying to find and catch all the remaining crocks, but meanwhile they have been installing numerous crocodile warning signs in Johannesburg and the suburbs. "People need to be extra cautions these days. These crocodiles are dangerous, as they are in constant search of food, and can attack poultry, animals, or people", said a Johannesburg police officer. Take any traffic or street sign and add crocodile(s) to it one way or another. Alternatively, design your own crock traffic sign, street sign, or crock warning sign.

Funny Hurricane Warning Signs

Hurricane Warning Signs
President Obama and Governor Romney canceled their campaign events as Hurricane Sandy, bearing down on the U.S. East Coast, has forced the evacuation of hundreds of thousands residents. Over 8000 flights are canceled, Wall Street is shut, nine US states declared emergency. Photoshop street signs (and road traffic signs) that should warn people to stay away from the hurricane-active areas.

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