Musician with weak sight
Musician with weak sight
Musician with weak sight.

Funny Love from first sight

Love from first sight

Funny Elephant Loch Ness Monster Sighting

Elephant Loch Ness Monster Sighting
Member reactions:
i know some elephants can swim and its true
SOAB I commented on this one too and it didn't take. I thought this was outstanding. The blurred foreground of the water is a very cool touch

Funny BigFoot Sighting in Ohio

BigFoot Sighting in Ohio
Bigfoot researcher says hundreds of sightings in Ohio sources
Member reactions:
I Like its foot... they are really big one
Love the Wookie or Bigfoot look. It could be either, I think.
Check in the Forums for the female counterpart

Funny Sasquatch Sighting Under a Bridge

Sasquatch Sighting Under a Bridge

Funny Osama Bin Laden Hiding In Plain Sight

Osama Bin Laden Hiding In Plain Sight
Sneaky guy, that bin Laden.
Member reactions:
geriatric...can't fool you. .
Newsy...glad I could make you giggle.
Hey. I'm gonna' tell Timmy if you don't change the dog posing as 'Lassie the WonderDog'. Congratulations Dr. Chuckles.
Thanks, geriatric. Go ahead...tell Timmy...see if I care. .
Congrats again Paul Anonymous CIA agents informed CNN that the dog was in the bin Laden suit and is now doing life in Gitmo.
Okay, geriatric...calm down. I'll be nice to Timmy.
Man Of Rain...Bwahahahah.

Funny Triangular Light Sighting

Triangular Light Sighting
Photo taken by a farmer in Kansas 3/15/09.

Funny Dennis Kucinich UFO Sighting

Dennis Kucinich UFO Sighting
Kucinich reveals UFO sighting source image

Funny Flintlock Pistol with Sight

Flintlock Pistol with Sight
Here is the Source link Full View Please Guys
Member reactions:
OH. i forget, Thanx to PHSV for his wonderful Sources
Thank you Very much Guys for your valuable votings

Funny New UFO Sightings

New UFO Sightings
News Link here
Member reactions:
Oooooooo.....preeeety. Star gazing extravaganza.

Funny UFO Sightings

UFO Sightings
This month a new military drone was mistaken for UFO along DC highways, which sparked a wave of "UFO sightings" tweets by the witnesses, and even several 911 calls. Create UFO evidence any way you wish. Some examples are: photoshopping UFO photos or placing Unidentified Flying Object in famous photos or paintings.

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