Siegfried on Steroids
Siegfried on Steroids
Siegfried on Steroids.
Member reactions:
The matching on the face/head is a little off, I think.
Good one. Did you do the head on the statuette too. It looks like Siegfried's
I tweaked it a little Mundo. Thanks. Actually the statue just happens to look like Sig.
I see the resemblance. This is so much like a tacky Vegas post card it cracks me up. KB Keep the laughs coming

Funny Siegfried and Roy Policemen

Siegfried and Roy Policemen
Member reactions:
Yes it is. I called Joni in to see this and she roared.

Funny Siegfried & Roy's To-Do List

Siegfried & Roy's To-Do List
Member reactions:
Hhahhahahahh, I guess that list comes next. Made me laugh

Funny Help Wanted Siegfried and Roy

Help Wanted Siegfried and Roy
Is there a doctor in the house. Please view in full.
Member reactions:
Easilly could have, Pree. Irreverant and really funny chop
Hahhahaah, I had a sneaking suspicion this was your's KB LLMFAO

Funny Siegfried & Leo

Siegfried & Leo
Die Master Der 3d even.

Funny Siegfried

...well, Roy had to be replaced.

Funny Siegfried & Roy

Siegfried & Roy
Kim Jong Il always dreamed of working in Vegas. (Please view full size)
Member reactions:
His new fill in. HA he would make a good snack.
Thanks, Ratheza. Glad someone liked it.

Funny Siegfried & Roy Wedding

Siegfried & Roy Wedding
News Item: Siegfried and Roy were married yesterday in a private ceremony in Las Vegas. Siegfried was resplendent in spangly black tights, while Roy wore a delicate lace veil where his head used to be.
Member reactions:
Siegfried & Roy replace R. Gere and J. Roberts in the sequel "BiteAway Bride"...
horrible, horrible taste. god awful. but clever, so you get a 7 from me.
"You may now maul.. er, kiss the bride." Good one.
I think I'm gonna die laughing...
how is the groom gonna kiss the bride. Men, the night gonna be fantastic

Funny Siegfried and Roy

Siegfried and Roy
Dear Siegfried, I quit. Roy already knows of my decision.
Member reactions:
Had my best laugh this morning with this one

Funny Stamp Siegfried and Roy

Stamp Siegfried and Roy
Member reactions:
The Lion may sleep tonight but the tiger eats tonight.

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