Siberian Grand Cannon
Siberian Grand Cannon
Siberian Grand Cannon. Not to be confused with Arizona's Grand Canyon.
Member reactions:
This cannon is really a grand and bigger than Grand Canyon The tanks and military vehicles were shown well as miniature
Thanks, raj...thanks, eric...thanks, G-Man.
Known as Tsar Cannon too. Great chop, congrats also on the silver, Paul.

Funny Siberian Mammoths

Siberian Mammoths
I wonder what they eat in the wilds of Siberia.
Member reactions:
They appear to be vegetable, grasses, etc. eaters with an appetite equaling an Elephant.
Great to see the woolly Mamooths again leading they Siberian land. Nice lighting effects and snow used here to portrait the image
Nice Creatures to watch Nice Background selection

Funny Siberian Skull

Siberian Skull

Funny Lucy Liu with a Siberian Tiger

Lucy Liu with a Siberian Tiger
Member reactions:
Good job but what's that black line on the left of the tiger's head.

Funny Flipped Head Siberian Tiger

Flipped Head Siberian Tiger

Funny Tony Hayward's Siberian Nightmare

Tony Hayward's Siberian Nightmare
This took........well I forget, but it took a while. Views best in full screen.
Member reactions:
Awesome art. Love the snake peeking out of Hayward's ear.

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