Shy Tree
Shy Tree
Shy Tree. Original Photograph
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Posted. I had to look for a while, it was a picture I took back in 2012.
Nature is trying to talk to us, we should listen
Thanks for posting the source. Nice edit too.

Funny Shy Audrey Hepburn Takes a Selfie

Shy Audrey Hepburn Takes a Selfie
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Decent work, though her hand looks unnaturally twisted in that angle
It does, but it's accurate I figured she was showing off her selfie to us, hence the picture she took is a different pose.

Funny Shy Frog with Lipstick

Shy Frog with Lipstick
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really well done. the wink, eyelids and lips all look great.
Stage two of the Friday night transformation - frogs to princesses

Funny Can you tell I am shy?

Can you tell I am shy?
For one thing, the guy on the sofa is not me. It's my husband. There are three of me in the entry: In the picture frame on the table on the left, the painting with the dog (this is presently a Choppix contest entry)and in the painting on the wall on the right. I didn't have the time to track down better photos of myself so this is what my entry turned out to be. The moose is Teddy and the he is in the pool photo, as well. The duck/dog on the right is Honey. She is in the painting with me and on the sofa. We do have a third doxie, Chili, but he didn't make the final cut.
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love that moose suit, where did you get it. I have a little long hair that looks just like that.
I like the fill view - many many fine details there. Thanks for the write-up about all the used sources - very interesting.
It was either Kevin or Chili.... Kevin 'won' but if he ever actually saw this entry..... he probably would not be that enthused about it.......

Funny shy

ohhhh mom, do i have to wear this costume.
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How could ya not just fill his bag with treats with them puppy dog eyes
What will all the other dogs think of me when they see me dressed like this.

Funny Shy Bird

Shy Bird

Funny The Shy Elephant

The Shy Elephant
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Funny Shy Flamingo

Shy Flamingo

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