Space Fying Donut Shuttle
Space Fying Donut Shuttle
Space Fying Donut Shuttle.

Funny Avis Time Machine & Shuttle Rentals

Avis Time Machine & Shuttle Rentals
Member reactions:
Hilarious... I like the Time Machine more then the Shuttles... because time travels faster than shuttles great design of the time machine... Awesome Idea....
Good eye Twister. Thanks. I missed that as this was a rushed last minute entry. Added shadow to shuttle and time machines in distance.
Fancy time machine well where is the 3rd guy

Funny Aussie Space Shuttle

Aussie Space Shuttle

Funny Space Shuttle Dog Astronauts

Space Shuttle Dog Astronauts
Member reactions:
The Great Heros of Future Space Exploration Possible after "The World without Men" Good idea

Funny Thanks for Ending Shuttle Program Obama

Thanks for Ending Shuttle Program Obama
Member reactions:
Lots of work, lots of fun, excellent chop.
Looks as though Mr. President is doing his part to maintain unemployment in America. Clean as a New York police whistle; Good Luck.
Thanks, deaddog. Thanks, Disasterman. Thanks, geriatric.
Nice shadow work, hat with ears good job.
Thanks, ericnorthend. Thanks, dsbinfo2011. Thanks, rajeshstar.
Silver congrats Pcr, Obamaland seems to be a funny place
Congratulations. Always original and funny.
Thanks, Lady Sunshin3, you should come visit. Thanks, G-Man, appreciate it. Thanks, crusader.
WoW. That hat in the front should sell (much better than WallyWorld's - hah). Great job (should have taken the Gold - in my humble opinion).
Gotta love the Obama ear hat on the kid. Congrats on the silver, Paul.
Thanks, MsgtBob. Merci, Mme BOULPIX. Thanks, Newsy and thanks to you guys for noticing the Obama Ear Hat.

Funny Shuttle Replacement Jack Black Balloon

Shuttle Replacement Jack Black Balloon
Member reactions:
"Houston we've got a problem, we ran out of gas." Hilarious.
Thanks, Disasterman. Thanks, preemiememe. Thanks, JoaoN. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, balodiya. Thanks, Black has no shortage of gas. .
Only one "hidden" could be responsible for this gem . . . very funny, and very well done.
Thanks, qtrmoonshop...can't fool you anymore. Thanks would know. . Thanks, cns.
pcrdds... a riot... congrats on another fabulas chop...
Lol, so funny, love the space capsule with spike Congratss..
Thanks, Miss pree. Thanks, Lady Sunshin3.

Funny Etch-A-Sketch Space Shuttle

Etch-A-Sketch Space Shuttle
Member reactions:
Great idea and beautifully executed. I would, however remove any color from the screen or make it a solid gray.
Good eye pcrdds made the edit, thanks mate.
Thank you, hemant1, Tuco, balodiya, rajeshstar, Sunshin3, ChipMcFarlane and Pcrdds..
This is especially impressive, not only because of the concept but because (it looks like) the Etch-A-Sketch was created from scratch, as well as at least some parts of the shuttle. Bravo, hidden.
Thank you- toledoeagle, Newsy, pcrdds, geriatric, Boulpix, Sunshin3 and JoaoN Grazie Newsy. yeah, used illustrator and 3dMax for most of the elements. thanks again mate. Thanks a whole bunch folks..
Congrats on the win, Xaos. Once again, I love how you created lots of it from scratch.

Funny Rocket Man Pulling the Space Shuttle

Rocket Man Pulling the Space Shuttle

Funny No Museum For The Space Shuttle

No Museum For The Space Shuttle
Plans for retired Space Shuttles
Member reactions:
Thanks, geriatric...but I wouldn't want to eat there.
Nice I don't feel so bad about my own cooking
Thanks, Disasterman. Buzz Aldrin apparently never learned to cook, either.
Thanks, sams. Just a "touch," geriatric.
Love what you did with the shuttle. The extensive use of vomit spoils the chop a tad I think...
Thanks, Newsy. I figured why not make it a barf party.
Back in the FN saddle again...Congratulations.

Funny Space Shuttle Under Construction in City

Space Shuttle Under Construction in City
Dedicated to Kalpana Chawla and her crew. Some Info
Member reactions:
AM I MISS SOMETHING HERE. Just because surprised with the voting.
Great work, krrish... You perfectly blended the shuttle - size, perspective, texture (some higher placed images surprisingly missed these points) - and all you got, well... really deserves a higher rank.
Hi tom, How are you. How is life going on. yes i have been observing this from the last 1 - 3 months. I don't understand the voting. I really don't care about voting but when a good image has least voting then i am bothering about . Anyway thanks to support me tom. I hope, you also come to the game.
Oh, I'm watching every day, sometimes looking for sources, rarely chopping with them... I hope I'm in soon back in the game.

Funny Remember the Shuttle

Remember the Shuttle
Bad news from NASA this week - it is ending its Space Shuttle program and laying off thousands of employees. NASA will only launch two more Shuttles, one on November 1, and another on February 26 next year. NASA is also being forced to cancel its Constellation program after the Senate passed a bill last week, which limits NASA's spending to $58 billion over the next three years. The Constellation project intended to send astronauts to the International Space Station, the Moon, and Mars, but Obama wanted the plans canceled as part of attempts to address the global economic crisis. To pay a tribute to the Space Shuttle program (which lasted almost 40 years and provided a pathway for space exploration), show the Shuttles integrated into promotional products, household items, architecture, movie posters, paintings, paintjobs, etc.

Funny Shuttle Discovery

Shuttle Discovery
To celebrate the launch, show the Discovery shuttle integrated into promotional products, household items, movie posters, paintings, paintjobs, etc. Alternatively, make astronauts out of figures in famous paintings.

Funny Space Shuttle Damage

Space Shuttle Damage
Photoshop minor shuttle damage by showing the glitches NASA may come up with.

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