Hulk and Shrek on my desktop
Hulk and Shrek on my desktop
Hulk and Shrek on my desktop. In this work i used two programs - Photoshop: for painting Shrek and composition . - ZBrush: for sculpting hulk model . you can see the T-Pose on this link :
Member reactions:
Pretty awesome - you drew them from scratch.
NewsMaster : Yes I do .. there is steps for sculpting hulk model and shrek was a quick painting in one layer only from scratch
PSMandrake : I didn't use Zsphere .. I was started from sphere using Dynamesh method
PSMandrake : Me too, But i use it with 3Dmax. thanks PSMandrake
Congrats on the gold, zoomcrom. Your first gold with us, woo hoo.
SplatShot : thank you very mush SplatShot
NewsMaster : thank you alot really i'am very happy thax
thank you andwhat, Hitspinner, MsgtBob, Wanderer, SplatShot and LunaC ^_^
Congratulations on the Gold, Zoom. Awesome work

Funny Shrek as Broccoli in a Hot Tub

Shrek as Broccoli in a Hot Tub

Funny Shrek in Die Hard Movie

Shrek in Die Hard Movie
Member reactions:
Nice, but it'd be better to use the American version of the poster as most visitors on FN are English speakers
I would even love it without any watermark/text

Funny Shrek the Walmart Greeter

Shrek the Walmart Greeter
Member reactions:
Excellent work. Please change the word sh*t for something publicly acceptable like "crap"
Like the monetary offer for this job good one
Darn good one, I hate that store. Congrats on the win.

Funny Shrek and Princess Fiona Swap Roles

Shrek and Princess Fiona Swap Roles

Funny Shrek in Shrek

Shrek in Shrek
Member reactions:
Well, at least no DNA test is needed here

Funny Jack Nicholson as Shrek

Jack Nicholson as Shrek
Jack goes crazy with that club again

Funny Fiona in Shrek the Shrekinator

Fiona in Shrek the Shrekinator
Inspired by all the Shrek movies.
Member reactions:
Terminator and Shrek together makes a hot model into half shrek and iron clad terminator good idea
I reckon Shrek absolutely had to be done by somebody but didn't see it coming in such a cool way as this. Congrads as well

Funny Toothless Shrek Cast

Toothless Shrek Cast
Member reactions:
A wicked fairy stole our teeth
Even animals were not spared.... Well done like your idea
Just now finished 'Puss in Buts' And he looks awesome in here without those cutie teeth

Funny Shrek Finger Portrait

Shrek Finger Portrait
Member reactions:
Talk about him having green thumb, hahaha.

Funny Shrek 2

Shrek 2
Photoshop Shrek with the new cast members - politicians and celebrities - or design a sequel.

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