Funny Jack Shrek

Jack Shrek
Jack goes crazy with that club again

Funny Shrek

Member reactions:
Talk about him having green thumb, hahaha.

Funny Shrek Obama

Shrek Obama
Now listen here. I am talking horse sense.
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Very well placed the obstruction and now we can see the face clearly... very well chopped and nice merge of the face..

Funny Shrek Chasing a Little Girl

Shrek Chasing a Little Girl

Funny Dick Cheney as Shrek

Dick Cheney as Shrek
Full View
Member reactions:
Does this follow the guidelines.
The contests rules state: ... "recolor anything / anyone (partially or fully) changing the original color(s) to the unusual." As far as I know, Cheney's not usually green.

Funny Blue Shrek

Blue Shrek

Funny Shrek Shark

Shrek Shark

Funny Laurence Fishburne as Shrek

Laurence Fishburne as Shrek
The new Shrek is here..
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One of the better entries so far....... thats for sure.
Good work
Looks good
Many "bronzified" Congrats to you . . . CQ (consistent quality)

Funny Evil Shrek

Evil Shrek
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Many thanks balodiya, Im happy with your comment.
Thanks hemant1, rajeshstar and ujma for comments.

Funny Shrek 2

Shrek 2
Photoshop Shrek with the new cast members - politicians and celebrities - or design a sequel.

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