Funny Jack Shrek

Jack Shrek
Jack goes crazy with that club again

Funny Toothless Shrek Cast

Toothless Shrek Cast
Member reactions:
A wicked fairy stole our teeth
Even animals were not spared.... Well done like your idea
Just now finished 'Puss in Buts' And he looks awesome in here without those cutie teeth

Funny Shrek

Member reactions:
Talk about him having green thumb, hahaha.

Funny Shrek Obama

Shrek Obama
Now listen here. I am talking horse sense.
Member reactions:
Very well placed the obstruction and now we can see the face clearly... very well chopped and nice merge of the face..

Funny Shrek Chasing a Little Girl

Shrek Chasing a Little Girl

Funny Dick Cheney as Shrek

Dick Cheney as Shrek
Full View
Member reactions:
Does this follow the guidelines.
The contests rules state: ... "recolor anything / anyone (partially or fully) changing the original color(s) to the unusual." As far as I know, Cheney's not usually green.

Funny Blue Shrek

Blue Shrek

Funny Shrek Shark

Shrek Shark

Funny Laurence Fishburne as Shrek

Laurence Fishburne as Shrek
The new Shrek is here..
Member reactions:
One of the better entries so far....... thats for sure.
Good work
Looks good
Many "bronzified" Congrats to you . . . CQ (consistent quality)

Funny Shrek 2

Shrek 2
Photoshop Shrek with the new cast members - politicians and celebrities - or design a sequel.

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