Astronauts Having a Shower
Astronauts Having a Shower
Astronauts Having a Shower.

Funny God Gives Adam His First Cold Shower

God Gives Adam His First Cold Shower
Member reactions:
As geriatric said you should protect that part not for us but for the ice effects.

Funny Bear in the Shower

Bear in the Shower
Any one got a back scrubber.

Funny Big Bang Theory BarCode Shower Curtian

Big Bang Theory BarCode Shower Curtian
This is Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki. They are two of the stars of the television show, "The Big Bang Theory" and actually dated for two years.
Member reactions:
Nice Curtain... hidden secrets behind the curtain nice cap on that boy good job
Funny and well done Silver congrats, Pcr.
the barcode shower cap. I know you're a big fan of The Big Bang Theory show Congrats on the silver, Paul.

Funny Automatic Shower

Automatic Shower
Member reactions:
Congrats on the win, p4nd4. Your first advanced gold too - woo hoo.

Funny Metero Shower in City

Metero Shower in City
just the usual routine
Member reactions:
looks like science fiction thriller movie, like it
oh thanks to all of u suni , balodiya and rajeshstar really appreciate it
Really cool image but I don't know what you did. Posting sources may help your score in the future. Congrats on the cup.
Bronze Congratulations. You've made excellent work of it . . .
Quality work. Congrats on the bronze, Junior.

Funny Penguin Taking a Shower

Penguin Taking a Shower
Member reactions:
Awesome work here and burrr makes me cold just looking at him haha reminds me of a camping trip I once took Nice Work
Disasterman, Musicalnote, Geriatric, Sassy thanks a lot
Freaking love it. So clever idea and cleanly done.
fish shampooooo...... wonderful..
cool idea looks great ps shampoo shadow doesnt match others
Woody congrats, Sunshin. Adorable and great job.
Love the feel of this Sunshine. congrats..
Looks he worried about shrinkage..
hey hey hey, watch out of sunshine, Congrats on the Win
, thank you so much to everybody, I am glad you like my work
Congrats on the wood, Sunshine. and you were worried about losing some skills. No way.
Thanks a lot NewsMaster, yes I thought this but thank God it was not true

Funny Meteor Shower

Meteor Shower
There's meteor shower during that days.. News Link source
Member reactions:
This contest requires you supply a news story between October 18 - 24, 2010. Could you please do so.
I plugged the news link for you , but you have to do it yourself for this particular type of contest (Week in Pictures) next time
NewsMaster: My mistakes, sorry I'm new around here..thanks alot for the info..I will do better next time

Funny Microsoft Display Error Shower Curtain

Microsoft Display Error Shower Curtain
these 2 words crossed paths in my mind somewhere few days back and i just had to make this otherwise i wasnt geting any peace u like .
Member reactions:
I'd buy it
Hehe, it is a goodie. Man, stop and think about where you could go with this theme if it weren't a PG site hahahahaahaha
Thankss NewsMaster medo1oOoOoO9 Kellie andwhat macwithfries oopsee news1st Hitspinner REally appreciate the comments =) I'd take so many positive comments over a prize anyday ..
The bathroom with 'two windows'. Love it.

Funny Beach Shower Under Old Pump

Beach Shower Under Old Pump
Member reactions:
Thanks for all the comments. It does help with the possitive feedback because it lets me know that I'm doing ok. Thanks.
Way to go on the Quadfector.. Is that right. Nice clean sweep of the board RKay. Congrats.
...way to 4 spots. Well done RKay.
man you get top 4 ... big CONGRATS on all your trophies keep up great works man
Congrats on top 4 spots. Truly amazing win, RKay.

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