Shirley Temple Manga
Shirley Temple Manga
Shirley Temple Manga. Shirley Temple
Member reactions:
Great Manganized Caricature. I find it hard to recognize Shirley though. Maybe it's just me. Possibly a link to the source pic would help.. Thanks for the link Hidden. A Very Nice WorX.
Fantastic lighting, tones , and textures. Just Keeps Getting Better. One of The Best in this Contest. Good Luck.
Manga chops are always a bit harder to recognize as the face proportions change. I think she's recognizable here, just as a young woman, not a child.
Lovely Shirley looking innocent and beautiful

Funny Shirley Temple Ascends To Heaven

Shirley Temple Ascends To Heaven
Member reactions:
Le titre ressort beaucoup par rapport au reste, non.
I'm not very good at French... are you saying the title is off.
Love the Idea. But the small Shirley at the bottom doesn't seem to project the concept for me.
The title should have been "montée au ciel" to accord to the gender, but otherwise, the text could have been merged a little bit more to the pic, but nice job
Very good indeed. Colors match perfectly.

Funny Shirley Temple at Heaven's Gate

Shirley Temple at Heaven's Gate
She was definitely the best.
Member reactions:
All poster is very Nice and this special gate for paradise and it's open by the God for special person's ...
Sweet composition but I don't see shadows.
Very artistic chop filled with images of Shirley through her life. I think the middle chair and Shirley herself need some shadows on the floor though.
Wherever she goes... she showers the spirit of love.... RIP

Funny Shirley Temple in the Garden

Shirley Temple in the Garden
Member reactions:
Nice Chop and In this green garden she is looking sweet.....
Lovely foreground (leaves), though masking of it needs more work

Funny Shirley Temple Playing a Harp in Heaven

Shirley Temple Playing a Harp in Heaven
Member reactions:
she will be very happy in the paradise....
She keeps spreading the magic of love even above the heavenly Adobe
Pretty chop, very well done, nice filtering

Funny Shirley Temple in Paradise

Shirley Temple in Paradise
Now Shirley is back with her puppies
Member reactions:
One of the best so far.
Great Chop Hidden. Love it. The Blemish on her front tooth really catches my eye though.
fix the tooth please.. ,,otherwise its perfect..
Fantastic use of lights and reflections. Good luck. Good
Breathtaking work, I love how you did the reflections on the bubbles.
So beautiful heart to share the joy with puppies
Congrats on the cup. Good looking chop with nice filters.

Funny Political Shirley Temple Dolls

Political Shirley Temple Dolls
Trying to profit on Shirley Temple collectables. (Every girl has wished to be Shirley.)

Funny Shirley Temple Holding All the Chips

Shirley Temple Holding All the Chips
You made us laugh You showed us fun You let us be forever young Thanks Kid. RIP
Member reactions:
Fantastic job on this one, she really was the best.
Love the composition (W.C. Fields) perfect. Quick observation. You have a little OOB going on with the light shade and the green visor.
5hit, great eye. Me fix. TY Splatshot, Hobbit and PJ
I am not sure if cigars and Shirley (especially in her kid years) go together well. Awesome chop otherwise.
TY Elegary. Newsey, Shirley had a knack for getting in trouble while trying to be the big little girl. The cigar is messenger of that idea. I also think it helps deliver the idea that she is cheeky and wise beyond her years as adults always learned a valuable lesson from her by the end of her movies. I think she even tried a cigar in one of her flicks but I could be wrong
Whatever W.C. Fields was smoking that day. She won his last cigar in the Go Fish game
Excellent caricature. I would reduce the cigar dimensions or move more her lips. But it is an opinion.
Congrads on the Silver Cup, Another keeper for screen saver.
Well Conceived Chop. Congratz on the cup Hitz.
Thank you NM, SS, Geriatric, BX, HH, Doc, Ricardo, Rajesh, Luciano, Balodiya, Sulli.
Congrats on the Silver. WOnder if it was those cigars that killed her (ha).

Funny Shirley Temple by Bouguereau

Shirley Temple by Bouguereau
Member reactions:
Quality work, - nice blending

Funny Shirley Temple Angel

Shirley Temple Angel

Funny Remembering Shirley Temple

Remembering Shirley Temple
The nation's biggest movie star of the 30s, Shirley Temple, died on Tuesday. She was 85. Shirley Temple lit up the black and white movies with her curls and dimples in the depression era. She became such a symbol of innocence that kids nowadays still know a drink named for her - ginger ale with a dash of grenadine, maraschino cherry and lemon. She helped save 20th Century Fox from bankruptcy, and lifted the America's spirits during a gloomy time so much that even President Franklin D. Roosevelt thanked her personally. RIP Shirley, you will be missed. To pay tributes to Shirley Temple, photoshop her any way you wish.

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