Tiny Ship
Tiny Ship
Tiny Ship.

Funny The Fortress Cruise Ship

The Fortress Cruise Ship
Member reactions:
She seems a bit big though, but good composition.

Funny Short Ship on the Ocean

Short Ship on the Ocean

Funny Ship Approaching Avalon the Island of Mist

Ship Approaching Avalon the Island of Mist
Was gonna do this for another site but decided to put it here instead. The basic idea was create a fantasy land, so I made Avalon, a place where mythical creatures go to be safe from humanity.
Member reactions:
Original view is impressive. Great fantasy chop

Funny The Kraken Catching a Sailing Ship

The Kraken Catching a Sailing Ship

Funny Ship Captain Christopher Lloyd

Ship Captain Christopher Lloyd

Funny The Screaming Skeleton Tree of Ghost Ship Island

The Screaming Skeleton Tree of Ghost Ship Island
Member reactions:
Thank you, LunaC. Thanks, Gummy. I'll be pulling for the bones guy too.
Love the skulls embedded in the tree trunk
Thanks Luna, Hits and Joan... Guess I'm still in that festive October mood.
Ha, I saw this Gold Grats coming from a mile away.
Thanks very much, HoHouse... Thanks Gummy. Ha, Yes. You must have ESP.
Thanks... everyone for all the great comments and super high scores. Much appreciated.
Splendid chop. Deserves gold all the way. Yeah, I saw the difference in our scores and that surprised me. A lot. I thought we were closer. That is a crazy wide gap. But hey, I rock the boat sometimes and it reflect intentional or not..
WoW. Fantastic job. Congrats on the Gold.
Another knockout chop,congrats on the gold Splat
Thank you, Hit-man. What can I say but... Sometimes the stars align. Thanks, Bob. "" is Gummy's Highest accolade. I'm honored. Thanks, Debbie. It started out Sunday night with no idea, just a 50% gray layer and a quarter moon brush. Some where along the way... I lost the moon Thanks for the fave, Hits and LunaC
Great work, Splat. Congrats on the Gold.
Fantastic chop, Love it. Congrats on your win.
Thanks, Doc. and Thanks, Hobbit. It was a fun build. I'm happy you like it.
Congrats on the gold, Splat. and thanks for another treat.

Funny Pirate Dogs on their Ship

Pirate Dogs on their Ship

Funny Octopus Alien Ship in Space

Octopus Alien Ship in Space
Scientists believe Octopuses might be aliens.
Member reactions:
Great thinking of putting octopus in an octo shaped vehicle.... UFO like the way how you created it is really awesome specially that badge on that ship

Funny Ship Sailing Through a City

Ship Sailing Through a City
Spending 5-6 Hours to create a Manipulation in PS CC 2014 its all about a weird trip, its like a sea trip but this is in clouds, the ship that went from buildings and cities to a jungle .
Member reactions:
I loved this. It is just weird enough to tilt my WTFIT. O-Meter ... NICE job. I would do a lot more like this one but size constraints tend to foul up the finer details. That is why you see most of the Top chops as intimate vignettes of what suggests a larger story or close up and detailed as if set up in a studio.
I wish this was larger. I'm not sure about the bookends of plant life. This is great work.

Funny Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship
Photoshop this ghost ship image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: restoring this ghost ship, giving it new paint-job, putting the ghost ship into some unusual environment, using this ghost ship image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. You have 4 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Achim GŁnter and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

Funny Ship

Canada is considering buying the US amphibious ship Wasp that can put thousands of troops ashore in planet's hot spots. The ship is currently in Halifax harbor to take part in the joint American and Canadian exercise. The price for the development and building of USS Wasp was over $2 billion. In this contest you are asked to design new models of ships and boats. Your ship can be built from scratch or based on some parts of the existing or antique ship models. Combining ships with other vehicles (e.g. cars, airplanes, spacecrafts) is allowed.

Funny Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship
Use your imagination to create ghost rusty ship, submarines, etc. Showing how this ship can still be used for other purposes is a plus.

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