Abandoning Ship
Abandoning Ship
Abandoning Ship . VA Secretary Eric Shinseki Resigns. Member reactions:
The events below the waterline is a great idea adding to an already brilliant chop.
Ha, ha, ha...I can suppose Obama had a previous experience in driving Costa Concordia ship.

Funny Free the ship

Free the ship
Akademik Shokalskiy, Ship Trapped In Antarctic Ice . Member reactions:
Polar bears come on the ship with the vulture. Nice chop.
Sweet I see a bear couple dancing tango

Funny Back To The Mother Ship

Back To The Mother Ship
R.I.P. Peter. Thanks for the memories. Member reactions:
An alien inside trying to take him to the home ship good one
Well done tribute. I think it's the first time I see an alien chopped with head cloth (what's the proper name for it by the way... turban is close but not quite the same)
Nice job Hits...that alien sure gets around
Thank you Nanny, Rajesh, NM and Xaos. I am a huge fan of the movie "Paul". FXs are amazing

Funny Monet's Ship Has Come In

Monet's Ship Has Come In

Funny Releasing A Scout Ship

Releasing A Scout Ship
. Member reactions:
Aha. Finally there's proof that teabaggers are aliens.
Out of the box and Sci-Fi creative entry, I like the sub-station kinda work from which scout is launched
Greatest use of the source image.... nice turn of this into a Space Vehicle Vehicle integrated with Human Brain and Eye good job like your creativity
Thanks, Andrew. Thanks, Ariel. Thanks, Bob.
Thanks, Dr. Silvercuspid. Thanks, G-Man.

Funny There was a ship up to this morning

There was a ship up to this morning
. Member reactions:
Rubber Duckie I Love You, La De, De Da... Great Job.
HA. Dinner for a week if they are stranded.

Funny Lucky Strike Alien Ship

Lucky Strike Alien Ship
. Member reactions:
I don't think the aliens have lungs so smoking should be okay for them....nice work.
LoL cool
So the smoke from the Jet is coming out of that Cigarette bud good job done and like the Alien look good one
Flying high in Bowling machine very nice light work as AlienShip's smoke
Superb. Very well executed and nicely placed the alien in it very well done
Great creativity, grats on the wood Paul.
Superb work with the source. Could be well used as a promotional poster for Lucky Strike. Smoking alien looks like a badass alien version of Clint Eastwood, .Congrats on the wood, Paul.

Funny Alien Ships in Antonin Proust Painting

Alien Ships in Antonin Proust Painting
Antonin Proust. Member reactions:
A man who appreciates beautiful surroundings
Many thanks to everyone and thanks for the comments.

Funny Ice Fisherman Disturbed By Ship

Ice Fisherman Disturbed By Ship
. Member reactions:
Excellent job jh1365, one of my favs as the blend of the fisherman looks real. Although the scale of the fisherman is off I accept it and liked it a lot. I wonder how it would have turned out by zooming in on the bow of the ship and scaling the ship to man right.
Thanks, deaddog Yeah, I was thinking about doing that, but I was worried that it would result in a such a low resolution which would render me ineligible for a high school, and thus I figured I'd resort to the inflated scale, more or less, as a comical representation.
I actually took it off the site and played with it but your right the res got to bad to use, bummer. Still good tho.

Funny Ship Comes Across a Dragon

Ship Comes Across a Dragon
. Member reactions:
Great job. Especially the transparency of the wings is handled very impressive. Good luck.
Thanks a lot Tarkus, Newsy...I have to admit wings was already transparent but everything is made from different sources including the bg.
very very very nice work, beautiful... happy new year, for you and your family.
Many thanks Berludano, Boulpix and Ricky, grazie mille. Felice Anno Nuovo a voi.
Thank you Boulpix, Kellie, Geriatric, Qtr Happy New Year to everybody..
Wonderful Sunshin3, brings light into my life.
Many thanks HoHouse, Funk, Geriatric, Newsy very glad you like it..

Funny Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship
Photoshop this ghost ship image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: restoring this ghost ship, giving it new paint-job, putting the ghost ship into some unusual environment, using this ghost ship image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. You have 4 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Achim GŁnter and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

Funny Ship

Canada is considering buying the US amphibious ship Wasp that can put thousands of troops ashore in planet's hot spots. The ship is currently in Halifax harbor to take part in the joint American and Canadian exercise. The price for the development and building of USS Wasp was over $2 billion. In this contest you are asked to design new models of ships and boats. Your ship can be built from scratch or based on some parts of the existing or antique ship models. Combining ships with other vehicles (e.g. cars, airplanes, spacecrafts) is allowed.

Funny Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship
Use your imagination to create ghost rusty ship, submarines, etc. Showing how this ship can still be used for other purposes is a plus.

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