The New Shiny Thing
The New Shiny Thing
The New Shiny Thing . Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Member reactions:
Definitely nothing in that head..👍
Yeah there is,,, It's full of drink mix recipes. I hear that she was a kinda Okay bartender before becoming the Dem.s new shiny thing.

Funny Their New Shiny Thing AOC

Their New Shiny Thing AOC
Her bite is not so bad now that Nancy Pelosi took her out back and set her straight.
Member reactions:
It's a shame to pull all them big ol horse teeth of hers.
No,,, Her crap guarantees Trump 4 more years.
You call him "A Gummy Bear". I didn't know my style was so obvious.
, the burger has more style than AOC. Entertaining chop Gumster.

Funny Shiny Green Car

Shiny Green Car

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