Nadler and Shifty The Grand Inquisitors
Nadler and Shifty The Grand Inquisitors
Nadler and Shifty The Grand Inquisitors.

Funny Shifty Joker Schiff.

Shifty Joker Schiff.
Adam Schiff is the Real Joker and his Side Kick Pelosi.
Member reactions:
Awesome chop Hobbit. Great job with the Shifty One and his Pelosi whisperer.
Really like the hair on this and the way everything pulls together..👍
Nice work, Hobbit. Somehow he reminds me a little of Christopher Walken.
Thanks guys, been at the bottom lately on my pics, think I lost my touch.

Funny The Shifty Patriot

The Shifty Patriot
Member reactions:
Nice work. Glad to see you participating.
This pic gave me a good laugh and then a Coughing spell from being sick, you got him just right, awesome and Good, Congrats on your win.🏆
Congrads on the Silver cup,was #2 in my book and I'm still ,great job.
Congrats on the Silver, Reggie. Ya nailed Shifty and great work with the body source too.
Great job and the tat sends it over the top... Congrats on the twoie. .
I'm glad to be able to particapate again LunaC, and Hobbit we all hope you get well soon, happy the pic made you smile. Splats, i've been wanting to nail Shifty for awhile, mission accomplished...for now Ho House, it's an honor to be # 2 in your book and in this pool of masters. Thank you for that Hits, before the days of cell phones, I witnessed a skinny guy like that getting a butterfly tat that size, simply amazing Thanks to Everyone for all the very nice comments.

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