Sheryl Crowe as a Man
Sheryl Crowe as a Man
Sheryl Crowe as a Man.

Funny Sheryl Crow Movie

Sheryl Crow Movie

Funny Vampire Sheryl Crow

Vampire Sheryl Crow
Member reactions:
Quality vampire job on Crow. Love the spider webs.

Funny Sheryl Crow on Steroids

Sheryl Crow on Steroids
I Lance used them, then why not her.
Member reactions:
Psst. her mole is on the other side. overall great work.
Not Bad No ... though, Good Job on the over all picture

Funny Cowgirl Sheryl Crow

Cowgirl Sheryl Crow
Sheryl Crow as painted by William Bouguereau, 1898.
Member reactions:
Congratulations, Keb, quality painting work.

Funny Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong in American Gothic Painting

Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong in American Gothic Painting
Sorry to the other similar entry but I worked on this too long not to submit it.

Funny Sheryl Crow Softball Player

Sheryl Crow Softball Player
She's a power hitter too.
Member reactions:
Awesome Job on this one very good realistic work

Funny Sheryl Crow Playing Guitar Painting

Sheryl Crow Playing Guitar Painting
Sheryle Crowe Talents go way back...

Funny Sheryl Crow the Clown

Sheryl Crow the Clown
Member reactions:
Artistic work. Congratulations on the bronze, Skelo.

Funny Old Sheryl Crow

Old Sheryl Crow
Member reactions:
there's some grey bleed from the hair onto the skin on her neck
Thanks, killerbee, I didn't spot that until you mentioned it. Got a little crazy with my desaturation ... all fixed now.
Congratulations, moohaha - fabulous aging work.
Nice work, Moo---and congrats on taking the biggun.

Funny Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow
American singer and songwriter Sheryl Crow celebrates her 45th birthday today. Crow started her music career as a backup singer for Michael Jackson; she toured with him during the BAD world tour in 1987-1989. Since Crow went solo, her songs won her fame and numerous awards including ten Grammies. To mark the 45th birthday of Sheryl Crow, photoshop her any way you wish. Some examples are: Sheryl Crow in movies and paintings, showing what alternative career Sheryl could have chosen; how she will look in the future, merging Sheryl Crow with celebrities or animals, etc.

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