Sherlock Holmes Homeboy Movie
Sherlock Holmes Homeboy Movie
Sherlock Holmes Homeboy Movie. Member reactions:
Greeaat. Good luck.
I need you to remain calm and trust me, I'm a professional.
Conrats on the gold funkwood, You nailed it again. Great idea, flawless execution and amaising detail.
Funk gets the Academy award for the best movie in the contest. Congrats.
Great as always, congrats on the win..........
Everyone has said everything so...Congrats.
EXQUISITE. it's fun and perfectly executed. KUDOS.
Thanks all, it was challenging finding the right "Homeboy" font, but a lot of fun overall.

Funny Sherlock Holmes Bobble Head

Sherlock Holmes Bobble Head
Spent some quality time on this one,hope you guys like it.
Member reactions:
Spent some quality time on this one,hope you guys like it. as one should, good job.
Yeah, you spent some time, can see that for sure, mate. Great job.

Funny Sherlock Holmes in Love

Sherlock Holmes in Love
The love its everywhere ♥. Homos= Homosapiens.
Member reactions:
Using the word HOMOS is like saying the N WORD..this should be flagged
Controversial for sure in our technically-imperfect, politically-correct social environment.
Dont take it seriusly, bi, hetero, homo, gay, ... for me its the same, and I hope no one get offended, (I have nothing against homo ... ual people or hetero ... ual). Good luck to all.
your tolerance, your human intelligence and the conviction in your response is entirely at your honor, hidden Artist . Love is always clean . Excellent original entry .
In my Country, the Capital of Europe, gay marriages are allowed and common. Flagging your entry, Hidden, would be obsolete discrimination. Good luck for the top 4 : I'm sure Freaking News is universal & free.
Nice try with that new caption The love its everywere ¢¾. Homos= Homosapiens. You and I both know thats not what you started out going for..who the heck do you think you are fooling
I think 'jtotheotothee' should Referee this bout."DING. Round #2 coming-up after a word from our local sponsor." Good luck Hidden...hope you come out of this alive...
Next time, I will not use this word for shure, by the way, I think its funny in this film poster .
Personally I'm a racist, I hate you all. Oh and congrads.
Quality work, Ivan, congratulations on the bronze.
...and special congrats on your first trophy at FN, Ivan.
I see by your voting you don't like what the other artist do here or you think that 1 is a first place vote. Last time I looked 5 was average for FN not 1.
The voters have spoken and you have to accept the results, PLINK1023. Like we used to say in Hollywood:"It ain't brain surgery-nobody dies in our theatre of operations."
congrats Ivan,this was really funny,and I dont think you were trying to be homophobic.
Well, good to see this survived the "kiss of death" commentary. I guess a title like "Another Cork ... Movie" is utterly out of the question. Jeeze, it's satire, that's all it is, not a vendetta against the politically correct cause of the week. Nice bronzem goodly humorous chop

Funny Sherlock Homeboy

Sherlock Homeboy
Member reactions:
Nice work lunaC, tops in my books.... luv the overall feel of this one, and funny too.
hahaha Awesome ..
great work luna , love the reflect light Congratulations on the silver
The return of his excellency-LunaC. Silver congrats.

Funny Sherlock Gollum

Sherlock Gollum

Funny Sherlock Harry Potter Whisky

Sherlock Harry Potter Whisky
Please full view... Source
Member reactions:
The face is flat note in certain areas, it seems that is an illustration. Also if the table is flat because the calendar is inclined.
I do not agree. I think the jaw is a bit flat. Nice work.
. Taita: all right and thanks Dodge:Thanks
The pictures have been the assigned to the neck. Not much, just a little. Hereto is the image of the source, Thanks for the comments Taita
If he hawks Port wine he would be Harry Porter
Thanks kratos .
It's a relly cool chop & idea; but the reflections on the table need work. When something is reflected on a flat surface, the reflection goes straght down, not off at a odd angle. Otherwise, it looks rally cool.
Nice work Amadeus. The shadows will kill you every time but, keep on keepin' on.
It's Elementary, my Dear Watson - Amadeus gets the bronze. Congrats.
that was cool amadeus COngrats on the bronze keep on roll ...

Funny James O'Keefe as Sherlock Holmes

James O'Keefe as Sherlock Holmes
James O’Keefe (Fake Pimp) Takes down ACORN Click to view sources Pics Full View 1152 pix wide
Member reactions:
Knock-out chop. Great concept and execution... is not so elementary, my Dear Watson.
KIR is on a roll. Congrats on another gold.
Congrats KIR. This was a visual delight. Great work.
Excellent, I like how you selectively target filter use, rather than white washing the whole image with them
Congrats KIR.. well deserved win, awesome work..
Thanks all. Your comments are very much appreciated. I was inspired by the Giles and O'Keefe duo, and this chop is the other bookend to my recent Giles entry. This was another Frankenstein's monster, put together from the Google graveyard. It is my second attempt at using a screen capture headshot (poor quality) taken from a video. There were definitely filters used but also quite a bit of hand rendering that went into the face, new eyes & hair that made the image look good. In other words, I had fun.
congrats KeepitKING you always surprise us with your fantastic works ... glad to see it 8.3 as I give it 8 congrats agian, keep up Amazing works
that's amazing i like it...congrats on win

Funny LaToya Jackson as Sherlock Holmes

LaToya Jackson as Sherlock Holmes
UK Tabloids: LaToya Says Jackson Murdered
Member reactions:
not every time use this style sidekain .. it's would be great without that but by all Great work and keep going

Funny Escher as Sherlock Holmes

Escher as Sherlock Holmes
Member reactions:
Looks like the pipe should be on the other side of his hand.
Yee the other side... But don't forget: Escher is the illusion master.
The pipe would better fit the other side of the hand indeed, but then it'd be not quite visible. I'd just make the pipe sharper here and give it some shadow on the hand

Funny Katie Holmes in Sherlock Holmes

Katie Holmes in Sherlock Holmes

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